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Finaeos - Equity Crowdfunding Options

EQUITY CROWD FUNDING OPTION 2016 THE FUNDING FACTS 5 Starting in 2016 Options exist for funding your business - your choice on the amount of money you're seeking for the next12 months IN-STATE SPECIFICOFFERING SIZE VARIES BY STATE State 04 Raise up to $50 mil accounting audit $50 MILLION 03 requires needs no stale(sjapproval $ 20 MILLION 02 Raise up to $20 mil no audit requires needs state(s japproval Raise any amount up to $i mm SECApproval $I MILLION 01 STAGE reach investors with the right size offering 'kit' to fund your business. Private Placement accedited investors only - net worth $i mil &/or $200k + income which option for equity fits your goal best in the next 12 months ? HOW TO GET STARTED FUNDING NOW 02 US or Canadian Companies can Fund Create your business plan & projed on the Finaeos Marhetplace 03 04 Find angel investors & professionals who will help Choose the option hit that is the right funding fit for your company Finaeos how to get started on a funding plan that fits your business FINÆOS Finaeos designs & personalizes your project Professional Support Consultant to help you complete your business valuation Gather your business story, ideas, brochures, presentations. upload them free onto your finaeos portal -connections and recommendations, connect with investors. [email protected] Start finding money for your business - use equity crowd funding to share your business story use Finaeos tools for the best practices & Start promoting your business we create communities - empower business to meet investors access to professionals, advisors & investors SUCCESS PRIVATE EQUITY FUNDING FACTS BY 2014 DATA FROM THE SEC MORE THAN $14 BILLION ALREADY RAISED 3 Years after the law passes Equity Crowdfunding regulations starts shaping private equity market the SEC releases rules for equity crowd finding in USA 2010 2015 2012 2016 JO.BS ACT signed into law in the US- historical changes in US laws on securities 100 % of private companies can legally sell stock or bonds to crowdfunding their business goals Investors $ 1.2 trillion Restrictions on getting private investor attention through marketing are eliminated after 83 years in any amount up to $1 million can be raised under title II the perfect starting point for most business market predicted to be raised in equity crowd funding by Goldman the USA Finaeos provides a key to funding success - a dedicated equity crowd funding platform to help business raise funds for their companies future. Tools and professionals to help build your business funding strategy hits tailored through personalized project support for your company equity funding plan 12 SIGN UP Visit TO Contact [email protected] GET STARTED FINÆOS 866 3505306 TODAY %24

Finaeos - Equity Crowdfunding Options

shared by darlenenora54 on Feb 24
Get to know which option for equity fits your goal best in the next 12 months.


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