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Faster Than the Speed of Sound

FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF SOUND Voxer's push-to-talk solution allows you to communicate with your friends, co-workers, and people you're forced to associate with as fast as data can travel; that's the speed of light to you. Just how do they do it and how fast is it? WHAT IS UOKER? You Jane Jane H! How are you? Great! You know, Great! You know, now you can talk to now you can talk to Jane your friends! Just your friends! Just >> Great! You know, hold down the 'Hold hold down the 'Hold now you can talk to pnd Telk' button. and Talk' button your friends! Just hold down the 'Hold and Talk' button. 00:00 Voxer is a live push-to-talk voice and multimedia messaging tool. WAAT THAT MERNS TO YOU Voxer is able to transmit sounds faster than the actual speed of sound. New Message Theoretically as we can go s past Voxer messages reach the receiver Voxes are digital data as despite any data backup that might transferred at speed of light. stop normal messaging services. DOHER IS FAST IT MAKES THE SPACE SHUTTLE LOOK LIKE A GRANDMA DRIVING A BUICK. IT DELIVERS SOUND AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT. IT’S EVEN FASTER THAN SANTA CLAUS. A FRAME OF REFERENCE VOXER SPEED 19.2 m times faster In 1919, a 2.3 million gallon tank of molasses spilled in Boston, reaching 35 mph MOLASSES H B 8.9 m times faster D 70-75 mph at full sprint CHEETAH н C 2.5 m times faster Top Speed: 267.5 mph BUGATTI VEYRON SS 1.1 m times faster Can travel in open ocean at -600 mph TSUNAMI 880,000 times faster At sea level, speed of sound is 761.2 mph SOUND F 305,771 times faster Holds airspeed record set in 1976 at 2,193.2 mph SR-22 BLACKBIRD G 38,320 times faster SPACE SHUTTLE Orbits at 17,500 mph ATLANTIS H 17,195 times faster SANTA CLAUS Santa moves at 650 Reindeer can fly 3.5 children per home miles per second or means 91.8 million Santa visits 387 million children 39,000 mph homes in 31 hour span (excludes religions that don't (time zones) Assume the following: partake in Christmas) VOXER WORKS ON Communicate instantly 2G Ч6 with anyone, anywhere in the world there's a 3G A device on data connection (2G, any network 3G, 4G, or VWIFI). iOS Android WP8 SOURCES yron-supersport-confirmed-fastest-production-car-2013-04-16 Voxer

Faster Than the Speed of Sound

shared by singlegrain2013 on Apr 23
Voxer's push-to-talk solution introduces an incredibly fast way to communicate. You can now send messages to your friends or co-worker as fast as data travels. This infographic explains how Voxer's so...




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