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Fair Trade All You Need To Know

Fair Trade All You Need to Know What is Fair Trade? ... "A trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, disadvantaged producers and workers especially in the South." (FINE, 1998) •Why is Fair Trade Important?-· 3 out of 4 people live on less 2.1 billion than $2 a day. poor people in developing countries live people live on less than |$1 a day. 880 million in rural areas. Estimated 2 18 million children are engaged in child labor. At least 70% laborers work in agriculture. of child Fair Trade: The Figures 300 6 in 10 9 in 10 Fair Trade standards 991 for over 300 raw consumers have seen Fair Trade consumers Producers worldwide. products. the Fair Trade mark. trust the mark. Over 1.2 million Fair Trade products are sold in 75 % of all Fair Trade 120 countries. producers are smallholder farmers in 66 countries. over farmers. D) >7 million l in every 4 More than 7 million people in Africa, Latin America and Every day, UK consumers drink more than 8 million bananas sold is Fair Trade. Asia benefit from Fair Trade. Fair Trade hot drinks. Fair Trade V Free Trade-.. Empower marginalized people. Goal Increase nations economic growth. Commerce among individuals /small Trade policies between countries. business. Focus Farmers and artisans in less industrialised countries. Who it Benefits Multinational corporations. Interferes with free market, too small scale to impact. Punishing marginalized people and the environment, sacrifices long term. Critics Say Producers offered favourable Countries lower tariffs, quotas, financing, long term relationships, fair prices and higher labor and environmental standards. Major Actions labor and environmental standards. producer Includes many parties between producer and consumer. producer Supply Chain Includes fewer parties and direct trade. consumer consumer World Trade Organization, World Bank, IMF. Key Fairtrade International, World Fair Trade Organization. Advocates NETAR DAY .....Top 10 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade. FAIR TRADE Fair pay and working conditions for vulnerable farmers and producers. Encourages environmental sustainability. 21 Protects children. Empowers marginalized workers. Safe. 6. Supports communities. Trade farmers and artisans can rely on. 8. Connects you with other cultures. Sustainable local economies. 10 What you buy matters. FIGHT POVERTY SHOP FAIR TRADE Worldwide Fair Trade Producer •...... Organizations* *2012 figures --393 L-. Africa and the Middle East 161 595 Organizations Asia and Pacific Latin America & Caribbean Organizations Organizations -Total 1149 Fair Trade Producer Organizations Fair Trade Products Tea & Coffee, Chocolate/ Cocoa Sugar 9,924 tonnes of Fair Trade Tea and Coffee are the U.S. consumers have purchased over 32 million pounds of Fair Trade Certified sugar since 2005. hot chocolate was drank in original fair trade products. the UK in 201l - that's about us sitting down to a cup of hot chocolate every day. Over 500 brands of fair 1.5 million trade tea and coffee are widely available. Fresh Fruit Flowers Honey Flower farms are infamous for exposing workers to dangerous pesticides that can have devastating impacts on their health. Fair Trade flower farms ban the use of dangerous agrochemicals and train workers in safe handling of approved pesticides. Farmer cooperatives receive the Fair Trade price directly. This eliminates the producers' dependence on local middlemen, who often only pay for a fraction of the honey's real value. Bananas, mangos, pineapples and grapefruits are now often available as Fair Trade. How to Buy Fair Trade Products?-. •..... The key to buying Fair Trade products is identifying if a product is certified. Below are the labels to look out for if you are unsure. Small Producers FAIR TRADE FAIR TRA faír for life DERATION ORG GON FAIRTRADE Fairtrade IMO Fair for Small Fair Trade World Fair Producers' Federation Symbol (SPS) International Life Trade (FLO) Organization World Fair Trade Day 2014…. ...... ..... ....... 10th May 2014 FAIR TRADE PEOPLE Theme: Fair Trade People World Fair Trade Day 10 May 2014 WFTD is the largest Fair Trade event in N. America, with around 100,000 people attending nearly 1000 events around the U.S. and Canada. Organize an event to celebrate the producers and consumers of Fair Trade products. Below are some ways you could show your support for trade justice. SEUZIA References: http://www.tairtrade.not/uploads/pics/sugar_616px.jpg BOUNDLESS a fair trade company Fashion Show 15 Coffee Morning Concert Market Talk Film Screening Tree Planting

Fair Trade All You Need To Know

shared by JennPorter on Apr 11
This infographic covers facts and figures about Fair Trade, information on fair trade products and also has a section about the upcoming World Fair Trade Day in May.


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