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Facts About The World's Favorite Precious Metal - Gold

GOLD IS FROM SPACE & Other high-impact facts about the world's favorite precious metal Rare as it is, gold is one of the most familiar metals in popular culture (and ancient cultures, for that matter). But, we'd still bet that you don't know all of these facts. Gold may be found readily in nature, but evidence from the Vredefort crater indicates that much of the accessible gold supply came to earth from a meteor about 2 billion years ago. Because it is inert, gold remains largely unchanged over time, so it appears naturally for miners to discover. Don't let the San Meteor Francisco football team fool you. The California Gold Rush began in 1848 when James Marshall discovered flakes of Mining gold near Sacramento. Earth Core Untouchable San Francisco "48"ers? o South Africa REMAINS 1.J feet of Untouchable solid gold. 9800°F Most of the earth's gold is actually in the earth's core. All There is enough supply in the earth's core to pave the planet with one and a half feet of solid gold. that gold is hot and untouchable. 99% Gold 1.6 Scientists estimate that The Witwatersrand Basin near Johannesburg, South Africa, contains most of the world's gold supply. At least the gold we can reach. quadrillion tons of gold wait patiently in the earth's core. No.1 No.2 Others JEWELRY INVESTMENT ELECTRONICS 50 80% cents of gold Contains 50% Gold's malleable strength and electric conduction Anywhere from 50 to 80% of new gold used each year finds its way into jewelry. After jewelry, the second largest destination of new gold consumed each year is for investment purposes, capabilities make it perfect for use in electronics. coinage, and bullion. • The value of gold has risen 12 years in a row 2000 2012 TRANSLATION: " The correlation of the value of gold and inflation since 1987 " - 0.08 GOLD is the perfect protection against inflation! %3D The Washington Agreement on Gold limits the SALE OF GOLD 35% by central banks and other official The US Federal Reserve holds organizations to more than Fort Knox 400 tons tons a year Investment Options Bars Coins Certificates Exchange-traded products Mining Companies Accounts (such as a gold IRA) Derivatives Sources 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. investing-that-you-might-not-know/#.URXO-aVga8A 8. SCOTTSDALE BULLION & COIN

Facts About The World's Favorite Precious Metal - Gold

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Gold is an incredibly fascinating subject. Not only has this shiny, yellow & soft metal been used since at least 4000 BC. but, gold has been used as currency, jewelry, is a sought-after investment opt...


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