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The facts about silver | BOLD Precious Metals

DO YOU KNOW ? The Facts About Silver BOLD PRECIOUS METALS The Historical Facts 1 > 3 > Artifacts made of silver that date back to 4000 BC have been discovered . According to historians , the discovery occurred about a thousand years earlier 5 > The Anglo - Saxon word " seolfor " is the source of the term " silver . " Silver has been mined for more than 6000 years and was one of the first five elements discovered , along with gold , copper , lead , and iron . 1 In an effort to control storms , silver iodide has been utilized to generate rain in clouds 2 Silver was regarded significantly higher than gold in ancient Egypt 4 Between 2007 and 1990 , there was a continuous scarcity of silver output . The Natural Silver Facts 2 Silver's crystal structure is cubic 3 Silver is the most flexible metal , along with gold . A wire 8,000 feet long can be made out of one ounce of silver The Silver Facts of Geography Mexico and Peru presently contain the majority of the world's silver reserves . The majority of it is a by - product of the mining of copper , lead , and zinc . Native silver " as huge as stove lids and cannon balls " was reportedly discovered in northern Ontario , Canada , in the early 1900s TOP 6 FACTORS INVESTORS SHOULD KNOW 1 Nearly 1 billion ounces of new silver are produced annually . Due to this , the silver market appears to be eight times larger than the gold market . On earth , silver is thought to be 20 times more frequent than gold . The large supply is one of the main causes of the low price . But a surprising 56 % of silver's supply is implemented in industry because of the metal's unique characteristics . Large silver stocks were once kept by governments & other organizations . Silver is much less valuable than gold , which makes it more approachable than the yellow metal . Silver appears to be more constant , in part because it rises with economic progress & serves as a safer investment asset during difficult times .

The facts about silver | BOLD Precious Metals

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Though gold is the most popular valuable metal, silver has played a significant role in our history, from medical to photography to religious rites! With our Sterling Silver Showcase event approaching...


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