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Executive Presence: the key to the suite!

EXECUTIVE PRESence tgc the key to the executive suite! by Yvonne Thackray, P.É.P coach WHAT IS IT? Presence is "A person with executive or leadership presence is someone who, by virtue of the effecthe orshe has on an audience, exerts influence beyond that confered by formal authority PREsence vS LEADERSHIP effective leadership is about causing people to act. effective presence is about causing people to listen WHY EXECUTIVE PREsence? Presence is the essential factor for getting into - and remaining in the executive suite. It's not erough to have exceptional technical and leadership skifs According to an American survey carried out in 2012 by the Centre for Talent Innovation, 268 senior executives reported that "being perceived as leadership material is essential to being promoted into leadership positions' of which executive presence acounts for, on average, 25% of what it takes to get promoted. The Ridler Report 2013 Trends in the Use of Executive Coaching" reported that amongst the 145 respondents, of which 77% are based in the UK, over 60% used coaching to support the transitions arising from internal promotion. 35% use External Coaching executive presence 30% use Internal technical + Coaching leadership skills 75 % would usually or always For promotion Internal promotion WHAT ARE THE KEY CHARACTERISTICS THAT DRIVE PREsence? A recent report, "Executive Presence: Infuence beyond authority", completed in March 2013 by Dr Gavin R Dagley in associa tion with the Austrafan Human Resources Institute indicated that presence changes over time and derived 10 characteristics, spfit into 2 categories, thatdive presence and influenced over time. CHARACTERISTICS THAT DRIVE EARLY IMPRESSIONS CHARACTERISTICS THAT DETERMINE PREsence in LonG TERMm RELATIONSHIPS INTERPERSONAL BEHAVIOUR PATTERNS RELATING TO QUALITY OF INTERACTIONS & RELATIONSHIPS OvER Tıme O STATUS AND REPUTATION PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS 1.e. POISE & APPEARANCE VALUES-in-ACTION DemeAnoUR I.e. coNFIDence & GRAVITAS INTELLECT AND EXPERTISE communiCATION SKILLS INCLUDING O QUALITY OF SPEECH, ACTIVE LISTENING & ASSERTIVeness OUTCOme DELIVERY ABILITY INCLUDES LEADERSHIP RESPONSIBILITY ASSOCIATED WITH DRIVING RESULTS PoweR use - LEADER'S ROLE vERSus HOW POWER IS useD BY LEADERS O INTERPERSONAL SKILLS TO QUICKLY enGAGE & COonnect WHAT NeXT? If you believe that executive presence is your missing piece . inveST in YOURSELF Independently, or with an independent and impartial partner, take the time to realistically assess your presence as observed by others and yourself in different situations. Identify which characteristics are working well and which might be holding you back from progressing within the organisation. Check this list with a few people whose judgement you trust. Choose the characteristic you want to turn around to improve your presence at work whether its attending trainings, reading around the subject, finding a mentor, or partnering with a coach. Executive Presence is as important as your current job and the key to your next role. Reference: "Dagley, G. e AHRI (2013) Executive Presence: Influence beyond Authority Ridler e Co. (2013) Ridler Report 2013: Trends in the Use of Executive Coaching Levit, A. (2013) 3 Areas You Need To Focus On To Get 'Executive Presence presence-2013-2#ixzz2fPy6xUBa To find out how coaching can help you buifd your presence, visit us at http:the goodeoach com Piktochart tgc make information beautiful

Executive Presence: the key to the suite!

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Executive presence is about building one's character within an organisation. It takes time to build because character has to do with the way we perceive ourselves whilst consistently aligning one's ac...


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