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The Evolution of Women in Business

The Evolution of M Women in Business Experts predict that by 2018, female-run businesses will provide more than half of new small business jobs and a third of the United States' total new jobs. This infographic explores the path carved by determined and resourceful women across an entire century. It focuses on renowned entrepreneurs as well as unsung heroines. Female innovators have molded every industry, from fashion and food to computers and engineering. With STEM initiatives on the rise, women will have more opportunities to apply their talents to what they are passionate about. 10 Female Entrepreneurs Who Shaped a Century Elizabeth Arden The Power of Red Clara and Lillian Westropp A Wealth of Knowledge and Trust Starting Date: "It is remarkable what a woman can accomplish with just a Little 'ambitim." "We give sur clientele our ability, nur integrity and šur experience to aid them in 'their financial 1910 problems, and they in turn give us their comfidence and patromage just as they wiould give it to any snind financial institutim, whether it is run by men or women." Starting Date: 1922 Elizabeth Arden worked briefly as a 1909 |Arden opened a Fifth Avenue spa with a bright red door. This would later become nurse, drawing 1910 inspiration from the use of creams to treat burns. She then took a job at a salon in New York City. a trademark for the Elizabeth Arden Clara and Lillian Cievelanu University Icosmetics brand. Arden joined 15,000 women in a march for suffrage. Every marcher wore crimson lipstick as a symbol of feminism and determination. Westropp opened a bank in Cleveland, Ohio. It was the first financial institution nded and run by 1912 1922 |Arden hired chemists to formulate the first The institution was of hundreds of skin-care products. Her avant-garde marketing techniques re-established as the 1914 Women's Federal women. Their mission 1935 was to provide Savings & Loan. financial services and elevated cosmetics to educate women Clara Westropp was named the first female president of the Cuyahoga Savings & Loan League. The Elizabeth Arden a respectable, about money. company became one of the first global brands when it expanded to Paris. 1922 high-end market. 1952 |Elizabeth Arden triumphed over the Great Depression, rising to become one of America's top three After serving for 26 1930 years as one of the first female judges Arden provided insights| into success and 1957 admitted to the marketing to hopeful female entrepreneurs at seminars after World WarH1946 II. She became the first Cleveland Bar most-known Icompanies. The bank was Association, Lillian renamed Women's Federal Savings Bank and had assets Westropp retired. woman to be featured on 1983 the cover of Time The Elizabeth Arden of $576 million. Magazine. company was sold for $38 million. Women's Federal 1971 Savings Bank was acquired by Charter One Financial. 1992 Margaret Rudkin Healing Bread "There isn't a worthwhile thing in the world that can't be accomplished with good hard work Youve got to want something first, and then you have to go after it with all your heart and soul." Hattie Austin Moseley Starung Comfort Food 1937 "Whenever anybody comes to the door, give em something Starting Date: 1938 to eat.That Margaret Rudkin and may be Jesus." her husband built 1923 an estate called Pepperidge Farm in Fairfield, Connecticut. Since her son could not eat most commercially processed foods due to allergies, she created a recipe for stone-ground wheat bread, It fortified his Hattie Austin 1938 Moseley was newly widowed and living in Saratoga Springs, NY. Seeking a way to provide for herself during the Great Depression, she gathered her savings and opened Hattie's Chicken Shack, which served Southern-style food. It was open 24/7, catering to the horse-racing and night-life partakers. I The restaurant moved to Phila Street and became a beloved dining hotspot not far from Saratoga Race Course. Moseley continued to serve 1937 Pepperidge Farms was born. |The company sold more than million and a half loaves of bread health so much that the doctor urged her to sell it to other patients. 1939 1968 others happily through food and charitable efforts. and was featured in Reader's Digest. Rudkin moved the 1940 business from her Rudkin sold garage to its own factory to meet demands. The eatery Moseley founded continues to thrive, and it has stayed true to the original 1938 fried chicken recipe. Pepperidge Farms to Campbell Soup for $28 million and became 1961 the first woman to 2015 serve on the Campbell board of directors. Freda Diamond Designer for Everybody Pauline Trigère late America's Coco Chanel 1930s "Pepple always say to me, 'Arent yoi say. No, I am American. I found in this cruntry everything I wanted This country made me Pauline Trigère." Starting Date: French? and I 1942 The National Museum of American History Freda Diamond was born in New York City to Ida Diamond, a theatrical costume designer. Inspired by her mother's creativity, 1905 |Diamond pursued retail endeavors at William Baumgarten and Stern Brothers. She served as a furniture buyer, stylist, and assistant merchandise manager. These positions provided invaluable experience. National Women's History Museum Freda Diamond attended the Women's 1920s The rising influence of Adolf Hitler and Art School of the 1937 Cooper Union, majoring in design. Diamond launched her own business as a design consultant. Despite the male-dominated Following a divorce, Trigère established her own company that would soon burgeon into a fashion empire. Both celebrities and his venom toward the Jewish people compelled Pauline Trigère and her husband to depart from their native Paris and settle in 1930s 1942 New York. Diamond was given the Museum of Modern Art's Good Design Award. field, she excelled due to her artistic non-celebrities adored her fashions. merit and knowledge of home furnishings. 1952 While the civil rights 1961 movement was in full swing, Trigère was the first designer to hire an African-American Diamond was named |Diamond received the Frank S. Child Award from the Society of Trigère celebrated 50 years of success in fashion at Lincoln Center. She went on 1954 the "Designer for Everybody" by Life Magazine. She thrived as an industrial designer for 50 years, creating household staples model. She disregarded any buyers that | cancelled orders. Glass and Ceramic Decorated Products for to receive a Lifetime a lifetime of Achievement Award 1992 achievement in the field of decorated Iglassware. from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. such as cabinets and 1994 drinking glasses. Brownie Wise Building an Empire, Bowl by Bowl "The ship anchored in the harber nts faster than the ship cnssing the rcean; a still pord of water stagnates more rapidly than a running stream." Starting 1950 Jean Nidetch Good Eating, Great Company "It's choice - not chance - that determines Brownie Wise was born in Georgia to a plumber a hat-maker. She left school after eighth grade to give union speeches starting at age 14. 1913 Wise met husband 1963 your destiny." Robert W. Wise and and moved to Detroit. She frequently contributed to the 1936 National Women's History Museum Detroit News "Experience" column by describing a lush fairytale version of her life to readers, adopting the pen Iname "Hibiscus." Thirty-eight-year-old 1961 wife and mother Jean Wise discovered the Driven to share her success, Nidetch opened the first Weight Watchers in Little Neck, NY. She began franchising just a year later. Nidetch discovered a potential of Tupperware. Her charisma and ambition transformed the lackluster sales of the products into a booming success through house parties formula that would 1940s help her lose weight and keep it off. After obtaining a diet plan from the New York 1963 Wise started a company called "Tupperware Patio Parties" Her success Department of Health, she enlisted friends and demonstrations. 1950 Weight Watchers went public in 1968. Within a year, 72 franchises emerged. who had similar goals. They met weekly to share stories and inspiration. As a result, Nidetch lost 72 pounds within a year. earned her the Wise extended 1968 position of vice president of Tupperware. opportunities for success to disenfranchised women. 1950 As of 2013, there were 40,000 Weight Watchers meetings weekly worldwide. She became the first woman to be featured on the cover of Business Week. Her home selling legacy inspired the business practices of large companies like Mary Kay. 2013 1964 The Civil Rights Act outlawed serual discriminalion in employment. Sandra Kurtzig The First Lady of Computers Caterina Fake Internet Pioneer Starting "Im willing to take risks. If yu don't have some "fear of failure, then you're not taking enough risks." 1974 "Entrepreneurs need to start building trday The barrier to entry in tech is low, sr start designing start crding it, launch it, build prototypes, build a Working versin of it." Starting Date: National Women's History Museum 2004 Despite a daunting lack of women in the technology field,I Kurtzig founded ASK Computer Systems in her spare bedroom with just $2,000. She developed inventory 1974 |Her technology firm became the first female-run business Fake cofounded 1981 2004 Yahoo acquired Flickr for an estimated $35 million. to go public. Ludicorp, which went on to create Flickr, one of the first Web 2.0 2005 sites of the new control software. Hewlett-Packard would later adopt her product. |As CEO, Kurtzig helped ASK Computer Systems reach $450 million in 1992 century. It is a media-hosting website. Fake founded Hunch, a revunue. It would later be acquired for $311 million. decision-making website that gathered information from 2008 Kurtzig used $10.5 million from venture 2010 capital funds to launch Kenandy Inc., a cloud-based Fake founded, which invites users to write the user's interests. It was acquired by eBay for $80 million in 2011. 2012 virtual notes on a manufacturing software company. worldwide map for other users to see. Fortune's Top 10 Women in Business of 2014 Ginni Rometty Mary Barra "If you're clear on what you believe, you have a great foundation to go "If we win the hearts 1 and minds of employees, we're going to have better business success." make a market." IBM: Chairwoman, CEO, and President General Motors: CEO Indra Nooyi Marillyn Hewson "I pick up the details that drive the 3 organization insane. But sweating the details is more MI important than "Purpose is important. I often tell my team, if you want to reach great heights, start with a great purpose." anything else." PepsiCo: Chairwoman and CEO Lockheed Martin: Chairwoman, CEO, and President Ellen Kullman "I have always felt my job was to raise the bar, and you aren't going to raise the bar if you keep Meg Whitman "You're seeing women starting new businesses like crazy. Now, they may not be technology businesses or Internet businesses, but they are starting businesses - to help support their families and to, in some cases, to be the major breadwinner int heir families." doing the same things. You are going to raise the bar if you are willing to try new things." DuPont: Chairwoman and CEO Hewlett-Packard: Chairwoman, CEO, and President Irene Rosenfeld Pat Woertz "Exposure to a diversity of disciplines has been exceptionally helpful to me." 8 "There is not a job "ve held in my career that was held by a woman before me" Archer Daniels Midland: Chairwoman, CEO, and President Mondelez International (Kraft, Triscuit, Oreo): Chairwoman and CEO Abigail Johnson Sheryl Sandberg "Success for me is that if my son chooses to be a stay-at-home parent, he is cheered on for that decision. And if my "No matter how senior you get in an organization, no matter how well you're perceived to be doing, your job is 10 daughter chooses to work outside the home and is successful, she is never done." cheered on and FMR : President Facebook: COO supported." Statistics 80% As of 2012, women's earnings equate to approximately 80% of men's earnings. 62% In 1979, women only earned 62% of men's earnings. 2012 1979 Women have come a long way in just one century to both close the pay gap and become a force to be reckoned with in entrepreneurial fields. We look forward to even more success for women in business in the 21st century! Cornerstone SOURCES: || ONDEMAND Empowering People

The Evolution of Women in Business

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This infographic explores the creative, determined efforts of 20 entrepreneurial women past and present. It details their journeys as the become inventors, motivators, and leaders.



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