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The Evolution of the Salesperson

Evolution THE SALESPERSON THE OF the extinct product pusher the successful challenger HOW SALES IS CHANGING OVER TIME BE #RELEVANT OR #DELETED BUYERS HAVE CHANGED 70% of buying process is complete before buyer engages with a salesperson MARKETING IS SHIFTING TO INBOUND MARKETING ON AVERAGE I.T. DECISION MAKERS NEED TO CONSUME 5 PIECES OF CONTENT BEFORE using web-based content and recommendations from others to attract leads BEING READY TO SPEAK TO SALES REP Larger buying teams means more people for salesperson to educate, influence and coordinate: NUMBER OF DECISION MAKERS INCREASING Number of people involved in decision making LONGER BUYING CYCLES: 2012 2011 2010 2010 2011 2012 5 months 5.2 months 5.4 months GETTING THE ATTENTION OF EXECUTIVES Buyers are more knowledgeable, more connected and busier! 65% 72% 69% of the time executives go with the vendor helping early on to set the buying vision of executives take an appointment when vendor sells a of executives take an appointment when vendor addresses an existing business problem product they were already looking for THE RAPID EMERGENCE OF SOCIAL WEB CHANGES EVERYTHING! TIME IT TOOK FOR TECH/MEDIA TO REACH 50 MILLION USERS 38 years IIII radio 150 MILLION 13 years TV ONLINE CONVERSATIONS PER DAY $1.3 TRILLION UP TO iPod 4 years IN VALUE CAN BE UNLOCKED THROUGH 1 year SOCIAL TECHNOLOGIES facebook 72% OF ALL COMPANIES USĖ SOCIAL TECHNOLOGIES by 2011 9 months twitter By 2020, customers will manage DECREASE IN SALES REPS REMOTE SALES CAUSING EMPLOYMENT 85% 0 of their relationships with FOR SALES PROFESSIONALS INCREASING 83"the enterprise without interacting with a human TO DECREASE FROM 18 MILLION TO 4 MILLION #RELEVANT VS. #DELETED DON'T DO THIS DO DO THIS It's all about me, me, me It's all about the customer of companies 68% still use an outdated product selling approach How you sell matters! Price is much less of a differentiator (5%) than sales experience (79%) of the time, 56% sales representatives are not prepared for initial meeting up to Availability of knowledge & expertise via social media reduces information search time 35% -------- ------------------- Average in person sales call costs $215- $400 Average inside sales call only costs $25-$75 Outside sales growing at only 0.5% 7.5% Inside sales team growing at per year per year EVOLVE OR DIE! LISTENING & RESEARCHING TweetDeck hootsuite UPDATE YOUR TOOL KIT PROSPECTING Linked in 9InsideView toutapp. Yesware. CLOSING THE DEAL DocuSign EchoSign. MANAGING RELATIONSHIPS SOCIALLY COMMUNICATING snap engage clearslide Postwire join rapportive *nımble olark timetrade3: me Share Information & Insights in a Visual Modern Way SIGN UP FORA FREE POSTWIRE ACCOUNT. WWW.POSTWIRE.COM SOURCES: 1. The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation to research by Sinus Decisions. 3. Customer Engagement worid. ITworld & Network World *B2B buyers are 70% through the buying process before contacting the vendor." is widely attributed The Role of Content in the IT Purchase Process Conducted across the IDG Enterprise brands: CIO, Computerworld 4. IDCS 2013 Trends, Benchmarks, and Essential Guidance for Technology Sales Organizations IDC Exclusive Webcast: Annual Sales I 5. Forrester: Technolom nchmarks Study, September 27, 2012 Technology Sales Enablement Professsionals, June 15, 2010 6. McKinsey Global Institute - The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity through Social Technologies, July 2012 7. Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO of Selling Power magazine, publicly predicts a decline in sales professional headcount from around 18m to eventually around 4m in 2020. for-sales-leaders-0275753 8. 9. A study done by SKKU and MIT, in conjunction with infoUSA, found that over the next three years, Inside Sales is growing at a fifteen times higher rate (7.5% versus 5% annually) over Outside Sales, to the tune of 800,000 new jobs. 10. 11.65% of the Lime the executive goes with the vendor setting the buying vision: http://www.personalbrandingblog com/your-1-competitor-is-status-quo/ Buyer Insight Study: How Executives Differentiate Among Their Suppliers by Scott Santucci for presented by Postwine N NOWSOURCING

The Evolution of the Salesperson

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Sales have changed drastically over the years. The times of A-B-C (always be closing) are at an end. Find out more in this infographic.




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