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The Evolution of the Recruitment Consultant

THE EVOLUTION OF THE RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT Over the last four decades, the recruitment consultant has transformed from a pompous, sales-driven corporate into a more social, relationship-focused, cyber sleuth. 1980s RECRUITMENT TOP GUN The tech boom in the '80s gave high-flying recruiters a chance to spread their wings and headhunt more senior, more technical, and more specialised roles. in the '80s, you had to dictate a memo, get it typed, make amendments, then wait for it to be returned before posting it to colleagues. I'm surprised we ever got anything done. WHO THEY'RE Computer technicians HEADHUNTING Network technicians SOCIAL SKILLS Face to face meetings, usually at the bar. SONY TOOLS Print Advertising: Local Newspapers National Newspapers Specialist Job Supplements witine INDUSTRY REVENUE - US $4.1 billion 1990s PULP FICTION RECRUITMENT With the booming tech industry and growing dot-com bubble, prosperity ensued. Recruitment consultants rode the wave, worked hard and played even harder. During the 1990s, Americans became the workaholics of the world. The number of workers putting in fifty or more hours per week increased from 24 percent to 37 percent. フラ WHO THEY'RE System Analysts HEADHUNTING Computer Programmers and Engineers SOCIAL SKILI S Emailing and speaking on the telephone on the go and using Web Databases. TOOLS Print Advertising: Local Newapapers National Newapapers Specialist Job Supplementa Online Job Boards: Monster CareerBuilder HotJoba INDUSTRY REVENUE - US $12 billion T$7.9 billion 2000s MINORITY REPORT RECRUITMENT Recruiters became far more tech savvy, as print declined. Many created a virtual presence. Intelligent specialist recruiters created a competitive edge. Whereas in the late 1990s boom younger personnel with fantastic unorthodox ideas were all the rage, by the early 2000s... experience, rather than novelty and excessive optimism, were again in vogue. WHO THEY'RE Experienced Real Estate Professionals. HEADHUNTING E-commerce Managers. Extremely computer literate to constantly SOCIAL SKILLS check websites, such as Linkedin, and use specialised job searches. TOOLS Print Advertising: Local Newspapers National Newspapers Specialist Job Supplementa Online Job Boards: Monater CareerBuilder HotJobe Linkedin: in Linkedin Membere: Q4 April 2005 = 4 Million INDUSTRY REVENUE - US $13.3 billion $1.3 billion 2010s THE SOCIAL NETWORK RECRUITMENT Gone are the days of an office. The recruiter is a cyber-sleuth, working anywhere and anytime to stay ahead of the game. Being flexible with the latest social networks and apps are a must. They are adapting fast to avoid extinction. The information recruiters used to quard so carefully is now available to anyone online. They continually search for new ways to add value and stay relevant WHO THEY'RE Mobile App Developers. HEADHUNTING Content Designers / Writers. SOCIAL SKILLS Socially everywhere connected by any means possible: 24/7. TOOLS Online Job Boards: Linkedin: Linkedin Mombers: 04 April 2010 = 90 Million 2250% increaae in 5 yeara Linked in in Monater CareerBuilder HotJobs Social Network: Video Interviewing: Branchout Hirevue Indentified Wowzer Be-Known Hireart INDUSTRY REVENUE - US $15.3 billion T $2 billion ? 2020s SOFTWARE IS EATING THE WORLD over the next 10 years, I expect many more industries to be disrupted by software, with new world-beating Silicon Valley companies doing the disruption in more cases than not, y - Marc Andreessen WILL THE RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT SURVIVE? SOURCES IBISWorld 56131 - Employment & Recruiting Agencies in the US Why Software Is Eating The World, Wall St Journal, 20 Aug, 2011 Spotlight on – The 1980s Workplace A Look at the History of the Recruitment Industry 1990's Lifestyles and Social Trends – CO RecruitLoop Recruitment Talent and Retaining – 1980s - 2010s Fashion – The History of Film 1980s - 2010s - Quarterly number of Linkedin members from 2009 to 2012 - Finding Jobs Through Social Media - Recruiting a New Hire if You Haven't Hired in a While – 20th Century Timeline – The Banking Crises of the 1980s and Early 1990s: Summary and Implications

The Evolution of the Recruitment Consultant

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The recruiter of today is unrecognisable from even a few years ago. As technology changes every industry, recruiters have been impacted particularly hard. Recruiters have evolved with the times, but ...


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