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The Evolution of Public Relations

THE EVOLUTIONOF PUBLIC RELATIONS PR HIISTORY 2,200 BC Ptah-hotep, an advisor to ancient Egypitan pharoahs, wrote about the need to communicate with the people. Julius Ceasar ordered the posting of Acta Diurna, regarded as the first public newsletter. 50 BC Sir Walter Raleigh sent glowing reports to England about the beauty of Roanoke Island to attract new settlers. The land was actually swampy; his reports were greatly exaggerated. 1584 Common Sense by Thomas Paine ws presented as an arugment for independence. Over 1,500 pamphles were published. 1776 July 4th - The Declaration of Indepedence "Public Relations" becomes a career 1820 when Amos Kendall works as Andrew Jackson's press secretary. The first Licensed Commercial Radio 1920 Station is created in Pittsburgh, PA. 1946 Television is now commonly used wide spread. The Marlboro Man goes national, transforming the Burnett & Phillip Morris' advertising campaign. 1955 1991 World Wide Web becomes available to the Public. Hotmail becomes the first web-based e-mail service. PR agents realize the potential of reaching anyone with internet access, and email campaigns are formed. 1996 1999 Blogger is created. 2006 Twitter comes to life. The iPhone is invented and 2007 PR agents gear up for new trends in mobile media. TRADITIONAL PR VS. MODERN PR Public Speeches YouTube Videos Printed Pamphlets Social Media Word-of-Mouth Blogger Outreach Mail-In Contests Online Give-Aways Newsletters Websites PR AGENTS NEVER NEEDED BUZZWORDS CONTENT MARKETING INFLUENCER MARKETING BLOGGER OUTREACH A good PR Agency knows that PR and PR Agencies have always used organic content and dynamic storytelling to get the best positive results. Marketing are not separate issues. Good PR creates Bloggers have a power and connection to the public that is essential to use as a tool for good PR. more opportunities for the marketing engine to rev up its power. THE MANY HATS OF A PR PROFESSIONAL. Trend Spotter Publisher Social Media Expert Content Marketer Pinner Brander You Tube Special Events Coordinator Webinar Hoster YouTuber EVOLUTION OF PR CONTACTS PAST Phone Numbers %23 Reporters Mailing Addresses Name I Addres I Printing Shop PRESENT Twitter Handles Top Bloggers Email Addresses Web Developers GroupHigh THIS INFOGRAPHIC WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY SOURCES:

The Evolution of Public Relations

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Info graphic describing the history of public relations (PR) and its effect today.




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