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The Evolution of the Modern Restaurant

THE EVOLUTION OF THE MODERN RESTAURANT RESTAURANTS IN THE BEGINNING.. The Restorator, Milk Street, Boston, 1794- 1824 JULIEN'S RESTORATOR • From the French word Restorator, meaning to "restore". • Emphasized healthy aspect of foods intended to "restore" health. • Written menu where customers were only charged for what they ordered. Image Source: MilkSt Snow_HistoryOfBoston_1828.png 春 TECHNOLOGY IN RESTAURANTS TODAY Robot restaurant" ROBOTS Some restaurants have robotic servers that bring customers their food. Robots are even used to prepare Restaurant in Bangkok, China has robotic servers that bring food to the Customers tables. od in some cases. The Haohai Robot Website: INTERACTIVE ORDERING SYSTEMS inamo inamo Would you like to call the waiter call waiter no thanks Customers ordering food from an interactive menu that they have access to at the table. This can be done through devices or other touch screen systems at the table. The Inamo in London projects an interactive touch screen on to the table for customers to place their order. Customers can also set the mood in the restaurant around them and other useful things such as ordering a taxi, right form the screen on their table. Website: HIGH-TECH FOOD DELIVERY SYSTEMS Delivering food to the table via an automated food delivery system is something that modern restaurants are doing today. This saves time, money, and can also make the restaurant less crowded during busy times with less people on the floor. Baggers is a restaurant in Germany that uses a high tech food delivery system that brings food & drinks right to the customer's table. Website: HIGH-TECH ROOF GARDEN & BELL BOOK & CANDLE ECB This is something that forward thinking restaurants are doing in spaces that don't allow for a lot of room for gardening. This type of garden saves space and makes it possible for the restaurant to grow its own produce on-site, which reduces transport time, cost, & pollution. The Bell Book & Candle is a restaurant in New York city doing just that. The garden does not use soil, which allows it to be light enough to use on the roof of the building. All produce is transported down to restaurant with an efficient carbon-neutral pulley system. Website: MOBILE DEVICE ORDERING MUNDO LATIN GRILL & TAPAS Customers can use their mobile phone or other mobile device, such as a tablet, to place their order. For carry out orders, customers can order on their phone and get a code for pickup when they get to the restaurant. At Mundo Global Tapas in Sydney, Australia, customers use tablets to send their orders directly to the kitchen. This gives customers many different options that are not otherwise available with traditional menus. Customers can search different wines by region, get directions to somewhere else nearby, request taxi service, and more. Website: ofood SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION De-junking fast foodTM food feod ofeod İntegrating social media into a restaurants daily operation is a great way to generate buzz on social media about what's going on at a restaurant. 4Food in New York is doing this with iPads at every table and a large screen in the restaurant that shows what customers are ordering on social media sites like Twitter, İnstigram, Facebook, and more. Website: NOISE CONTROL MANDAL AY BAY ndy Some restaurants are now allowing Customers to Customize their experience by controlling the music in their area. Some places allow Customers to plug in their own mp3 players in to play their own music. Eyecandy Sounds Lounge at Mandalay Bat in Las Vegas has touch screen tables that allow customers to manage the sounds in their area. The restaurant also creates designs form the music and projects the designs on to the dance floor to create stunning visuals. Website: DINNER IN THE SKY dinner in the sky There are plenty of restaurants that are high in the sky because of the floor of the building they are in, but some places are taking dining at high elevations to a new level. The company, Events in the Sky, has created all kinds of activities including lounge in the sky, marriage in the sky, showbiz in the sky, and yes-dinner in the sky. During this dinner, customers are lifted into the sky 50 meters high by a team of professionals while food and drinks are served to them by the staff. Website: THE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM The Point of Sale (POS) system is the brains of the operation that keeps all these things running smoothly and together with each other. Point of sale systems today are much different than restaurant cash registers of the past. Point of sale systems today like BEPOZ provide features like mobile tablet versions, restaurant paging systems, inventory control, dispensing systems to control liquor pours for bars, and more! All these things allow for a fully connected restaurant that can communicate with different workers and parts of the restaurant. This gives ultimate control and insight into how the restaurant is running. Website: SOURCES: the O 00 00 's Baggers"

The Evolution of the Modern Restaurant

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This infographic shows all kinds of innovative technologies that are used in restaurants today. From robotic waiters to interactive ordering systems at the table, this infographic shows the best in re...


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