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The Evolution of Modern Marketing Automation

SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST THE EVOLUTION OF MODERN MARKETING AUTOMATION Marketing has been around in some form or another since the dawn of civilization. " But modern marketing is still fairly new on the world stage. Marketing began its evolution as an INTERSECTION OF BUSINESS AND CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS, (2] HISTORY Modern marketing has been around since the early 20th century. • In the beginning, manufacturers were financially limited by the number of goods they could produce. • As population expanded and industrialization took hold, the number of potential goods became larger than the number of available customers. This led to intense competition between businesses, and created a need to prove their products or services were better than that MODERN MARKETING WAS BORN. [1] of their competitors. > Prior to the American Civil HOW > MARKETING WORKED War, magazine distribution was widespread due to low postage rates. > By the time the 20th century rolled around, magazine distributors were in a price-cutting race, and circulation hovered around 750,000. [3] THEN CAME THE NEW MEDIA, > Although not immensely popular > Initially, only a few stations when it began, radio got widespread attention following the Titanic disaster. existed, but by the end of 1921, almost 600 stations were broadcasting in the U.S. Radio FOLLOWING WWI, THE RADIO WAS USED TO MARKET GOODS TO MORE THAN 8 MILLION AMERICAN HOMES. (4) > While TV quickly grew in popularity from its initial broadcasts in the late 1920s 151, it was not initially intended to be used for marketing. > The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) didn't allow commercial licences on TV until 1941. 6) Television > Modern TV commercials really Marketing, however, was about to began in the 1960s, when an NBC executive suggested one- to two-minute advertisements woven throughout broadcasts, TAKE ANOTHER MASSIVE TURN. As television marketing reached its saturation point, NEW MEDIA BURST ONTO THE WORLD STAGE. • While it had been around for some decades before, the Internet began its rise to prominence around 1994. HISTORY www • One decade later, the Internet had grown to reach about 750 million people worldwide. • The Internet advanced from a side medium to a serious contender when Facebook was introduced in 2004. Over the next three years, the Internet would expand its user base to 1.3 BILLION (OR ROUGHLY 20%) OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION. [®] HOW > MARKETING WORKED EMAIL MARKETING > Email marketing grew so > Beginning in the late 1990s, email marketing really took off with the advent of Hotmail® and its offer of free email service to anyone with an Internet connection. quickly that it wasn't long (2003) before President George W. Bush signed the "Can-Spam Act" into law, regulating the use of commercial email, 9 > Email marketing reached new heights in 2008 when then-presidential candidate Barack Obama organized an email database of 13 million potential voters to market his candidacy. [t01 SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) > In 1995, Yahoo began organizing its search results alphabetically. The following year, SEO terms like "keyword density" and “seasoning" arrived on the scene. seasoning > By century's end, page views were understood to be the primary method by which search engines This led to a massive spamming epidemic across the Internet, ranked websites. { G From 2000 to 2001, Google completely revolutionized the way search results were ranked. > Then came GoogleTM. As the search engine's index grew, this all but forced websites and other SEARCH ENGINES TO REORGANIZE TO KEEP UP. 11 > New SEO practices grew in complexity and prominence as the new century began. However, the arrival of another massive shift in the SEO marketing paradigm would test their limits, Just as new and established marketers began understanding the complexities of the Internet, SMARTPHONES ARRIVED ON THE SCENE AND CHANGED THE GAME AGAIN. HISTORY Although not the first smartphone, the iPhone represented the first successful integration of many different components when it debuted in 2007. THE IPHONETM ANDROIDTM DEVICES In late 2008, the Android operating system hit the market. It rapidly became a solid competitor to Apple's » iOS operating system. About one in every « fourteen people have an Android device. Since the inception of smartphones, apps have become a dominant player in the life of the average smartphone user. APPS The Apple App Store claims to house more than A 700,000 APPS, with more than 25 billion downloads. Google Play offers more than 600,000 APPS, with 1.5 billion downloads every month. I121 HOW > MARKETING WORKED > With so many people constantly connected to the Internet, marketing went in BOLD NEW DIRECTIONS TO REACH CUSTOMERS. INBOUND MARKETING > „ull This came largely from increasing complexity on part of Google's page-ranking algorithms. > In response to several indicators, many marketers accepted inbound < MARKETING AS THE NEW PARADIGM. ESSENTIALLY, MARKETERS DESIGNED THIS NEW STRATEGY ALLOWED DIRECT ENGAGEMENT WITH THEIR ONLINE PRESENCES SO THAT CUSTOMERS AND WAS IMMENSELY CUSTOMERS CAME TO THEM, INSTEAD OF VICE-VERSA, (13] SUCCESSFUL. As successful as inbound marketing became, it still had one major roadblock: ITS COMPLEXITY. INBOUND MARKETING NEEDS SEO, APPS, EMAIL, SOCIAL MEDIA AND MANY MORE FACTORS TO OPERATE EFFECTIVELY. Many still struggle with a constantly-expanding network of engagement. Changes in the marketing climate, HOWEVER, MAY END THESE STRUGGLES ONCE AND FOR ALL. HOW > MARKETING WORKED MARKETING AUTOMATION 14 > As inbound marketing became the primary method for marketers, a new challenge arose: SEVERAL NEW PLATFORMS (including marketing automation) emerged to meet this challenge. HOW COULD MARKETERS SPREAD THE WORD ACROSS AN EVER-INCREASING VARIETY OF CHANNELS? Customer Relationship Management (ČRM) MARKETING Email marketing Data AUTOMATION clean up PROGRAMS INTEGRATE A HOST OF SERVICES, And many SEO compatibility social INCLUDING: marketing more With the help of these services, < marketers can gain valuable insight about both current These services streamline the entire process and make the marketer's life easier by centralizing a variety of inputs into one location. customers and leads. > Marketing automation programs also provide the marketer with tools to analyze their < progress as they evolve. This is especially valuable, AS MUCH OF CONTEMPORARY INBOUND MARKETING RELIES ON TRIAL AND ERROR. BlueGlass Marketo > [1] > [2] > [3] > [4] me%2010%202001/5%20albert.pdf > [5] > [6] > [7] > [8] > [9] > [10] > [11] > [12] > [13] >[14] SOURCES: MOST DEVELOPED DEVELOPED MID EARLY

The Evolution of Modern Marketing Automation

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Since the dawn of civilization people have found ways to market their goods to potential buyers, and through intense competition modern marketing was born. As technology has become more and more em...



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