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Evolution Of Marketing

EvoluTion of MARKETING 194 862 o 2700 BC 862 2012 BAKERY Promotional Products Association International STAffELTER HOF T150 Jalre Weingut Egyptians brand cattle to discourage theft (still practiced today) Staffelter Hof formed, creating the promotional branded gifts industry. Parliament requires establishes its brand 1266 "bakers to use a distinctive mark for the bread they sold" Telegraph Benjamin Franklin takes over The Pennsylvania Gazette, GAZETTE is used for unsolicited marketing making it a leading political and advertising medium. 1864 31733 1732 1383 Benjamin Franklin begins to publish Poor Richard's Almanack Lowenbrau establishes its lion mark LÖWENBRÄU 1872 Montgomery Ward produces the first mail order catalog, helping to establish Direct Mail David Ogilvy founds John Deere releases the first customer magazine, Gallup's Audience Research Institute The first RADIO0 advertisement The Furrow the birth of Content Marketing to conduct market research 1885 1905 1922 1931 1932 P&G Procter&Gamble Audio channel Radio The University of Pennsylvania offers Neil McElroy establishes Brand Management at P&G reaches 55.2% penetration, enabling efficient political propaganda and corporate messaging to mass audiences "The Marketing of Products" 3 1933 Guerilla Marketing CompuServe RCA broadcasts President Roosevelt's 1939 is published was the first major US commercial Internet service provider, using a technology known as dial-up speech at the World's Fair, prompting early talk of Television's power to advertise 1971 1969 1984 1941 The first email is delivered The first television ad appears 1985 * AOL opens 24 8+ The Web 1997 CAN SPAM Google launches its first beta search product with has one million sites First attempts to monetize the web with interruption marketing Act begins the first regulation of marketing online. Linkedin Taunches PageRank Google opens 1998 1998 2000 2001 2003 f Google introduces pay-per-click Search Engine Marketing with Facebook 2004 AdWords founded Only time will tell! Social media Social media Twitter 2007 advertising reaches $6.2 billion use and social media marketing on the rise launches & Marketo is founded 2015 2013 2011 2009 Inbound is published RingLead Clean, protect and enhance your marketing data. Sources: Josh Hill Marketing Rockstar Guides Free ebook:

Evolution Of Marketing

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This infographic analyzes the evolution of marketing in an extremely detailed manner. It dates back right to 2700 BC when Egyptian brand cattle were used to discourage thefts and slowly traces the big...


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