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Evolution of Logos

EVOLUTION OF LOGOS The sleek apple on the lid of your laptop wasn't always so sleek. Apple's iconic logo has gone through some changes in the company's history, and so have the logos of tons of other brands. Let's look at the evolution of major corporate logos and why it's so important to have a professional create your brand's identity. COCA-COLA COCA-COLA. 1886 1888 1891 PEPSI CREATION: EVOLUTION: The logo started as From something frankly nondescript a simple black font. to a one-of-a-kind script font. CREATION: The original logo in 1898 was red cursive font. In 1950, the company adopted the red, white and blue bottle cap. EVOLUTION: The bottle cap of the 1950s gave way to the patriotic sphere we see today. YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES 1898 SHELL YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES CREATION: EVOLUTION: 1900 MERCEDES As a clamshell. From an inky clamshell oca-Cola to the stylized, orange Shell-less image we know today." MERCEDES 1902 CREATION: The first logo in 1902 was simple, just MERCEDES within a round EVOLUTION: YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES The familiar three-pointed star was intended to symbolize a goal of universal motorization - on land, on water and in the sky." ГоRоMoroR Co. FORD DErnoIT. shape. EVOLUTION: What started out as something CREATION: 1903 In 1909, Childe Harold Wills YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES created a font to use for his that looked a bit like a belt buckle business card. This led to the has its familiar oval shape and creation of the Ford logo. script font. YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES 1904 1905 EPSE DRINK EPSI OLA 1906 1907 KODAK CREATION: The Eastman Kodak Company had its EKC logo. EVOLUTION: Another logo that started out as alphabet soup, Kodak's current logo is meant to give the company a contemporary feel that appeals to business owners. YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES Ford 1909 CRe CHEVROLET IBM 1911 1912 CREATION: EVOLUTION: The automaker CREATION: EVOLUTION: Once a Chevy's logo started life When Ford Ford International adopted its familiar "bow tie" hard-to-follow in 1911 as a Time Recording collection of Company and Computing Scale Company white stripes merged their logos. script that in 1913, though exactly how it "Chevrolet." " came to be is still letters, the read familiar blue and UPS the subject of emerged in the 1970s. some debate." Cocala CREATION: EVOLUTION: The original logo, adopted in 1919, is an eagle carrying a package with the words delivery to offering a range "Safe. Swift, Sure." Its most recent change, according to the company, is meant to symbolize expanding from package YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES of services. CHEVROLET 1914 YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES 1916 TERCEDES 1919 BP BP 1920 EVOLUTION: CREATION: BP's logo started out simple At the dawn of the new millennium, enough in 1920, featuring a BP altered its logo to reflect what it shield design (which it stayed with until 2000). called a focus on energy in all its forms: Going beyond petroleum. YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES 1922 INTERNATIONAL 1924 ACHINES 1926 1927 MERCEDES Ford BENZ Year of current version unknown 1930 Rwanon 1934 meRa CHEVROLET CANON CREATION: Founded in 1934 EVOLUTION: A year later, it dropped Kwanon from the logo with a camera VOLKSWAGEN it named "Kwanon," and went with a simple after the Buddhist Canon, which has EVOLUTION: The familiar VW logo's CREATION: Founded in 1937 by the Nazi Party (yes, those Nazis) as a state-owned automobile company, it was soon renamed Volkswagenwerk, or "The People's Car Company." The original logo be seen as has a familiar-for-the-wrong reasons bond to the Nazis. goddess of mercy. XWANON changed only slightly over the years. origins could YEARS OF MAJOR far back as CHANGES World War II. YEARS OF MAJOR 1935 Kodak Canon CHANGES THE DELIVERY SYSTEM FOR STORES OF GLALIIY 1937 UDS HALOID XEROX CREATION: 1938 A company called Haloid EVOLUTION: Today consumers know a simple X 1939 invested in an invention in 1938 by a man named Chester Carlson. The invention was as Xerox – and they know xerography (photocopy). After "Xeroxing" as photocopying.? it became the most successful section of the company, Haloid switched the name and logo. YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES Coca-Cola 1940 CHEVROLET 1942 BP IBM 11 1948 XEROXSHELL 1949 XEROX Coca-Cola DRINA 1950 Canon 1953 1955 SHELL IBM 1956 Canon 1957 Ford BP HALOID XEROX 1958 1960 WAL MART Coca-Cola Kodak WALMART XEROX CREATION: EVOLUTION: A western style eventually 1961 became the standard, and ups Founded in 1962, SHELL CORPORATION Walmart at first PEPSI 1962 operated without a real logo, with advertising materials taking on whatever style the printer saw fit. that was later replaced by a more standard font n the center. with a sta That was jettisoned in 2008 in favor of a simpler font and what the company calls "an iconic spark." B YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES WAL MART 1964 CHEVROLET 1965 1968 XEROX 1971 Kodak IBM Shell 1972 PEPSI 1973 MICROSOFT MICRO SOFT CREATION: EVOLUTION: 1975 1975 saw A 2012 update saw a simpler font treatment and the addition of a four-square symbol, which the company says represents its diverse array of products. M a '70s-tastic logo that read "MICRO SOFT." MICROSOFT YEARS OF MAJOR APPLE CHANGES Ford CREATION: EVOLUTION: The original Just a year went by 1976 logo is before Steve Jobs 1976 APPLE an artistic hired a graphic designer rendering of to create the rainbow apple shape that lasted for 22 years before it got an ultramodern update. Sir Isaac Newton COMPIOT beneath an apple tree. YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES Chevrolet 1978 WALMART 1981 MICROSOFT CONSUMER PRODUCTS Coke 1985 denae BP 1987 1989 Kodak Microsoft CocaCola Coke PEPSI 1990 1991 Coca-Cola. WAL MART 1992 YAHOO! 1994 THE DOCUMENT COMPANY YAНOO! XEROX CREATION: EVOLUTION: After settling on its purple logo with somewhat askew lettering, 2013 brought a controversial change and a more subdued "Yahoo!" Founded with the fledgling company in 1994, the first logo was in humble, black Times New Roman. YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES Yehoo! 195 Shell 1996 Kodak PEPSI 1998 GOOGLE Google!jGoogle EVOLUTION: 1998's logo, though only in use Reimagined in 2-D in 2013, Google's for a month, was a simple font logo is iconic and often messed with, CREATION: with different colored letters thanks to the company's Google and a drop shadow. Doodle program." YEARS OF MAJOR CHANGES Google 1999 2000 Coca-Cola TWEDUMENE OM 2002 XEROX. Ford ups XEROX Kodak 2003 2004 2006 Walmart xerox 2008 YAHOO! 2009 FOm Google 2010 2011 2012 Microsoft YAHOO! EOa Google 2013 DID YOU MEAN TO DO THAT? NOW TAKE A LOOK AT SOME LOGOS THAT WERE JUST WRONG FROM THE GET-GO. Catholic Church's Archdiocesan Youth Commission London 2012 Olympics PROBLEM Some people saw an inappropriate exchange between fictional cartoon siblings Lisa and Bart Simpson, and others saw a swastika. Either way, nobody really saw that it was supposed to say "2012."M PROBLEM london Just taking a glance at this 1973 logo, you can see immediately how this might be perceived as a serious issue, particularly given the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal. M KIDSEXCHANGE Arlington Pediatric Center Kids Exchange PROBLEM Arlington Pediatric Center PROBLEM How does this keep happening? " Space is everything. " SOURCES Sun Rise Sushi (PROBLEM 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 7. 14. 1. 2. 3. It's meant to look like the sun rising behind a tea house, but it looks like something that, well, some folks don't find appetizing. 4. 5. 6.

Evolution of Logos

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The infographic is titled the Evolution of Logos, and explains just that. Branding and brand image is such a hot topic in the marketing world today. Branding and logo deign is a continuously evolving ...


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