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The Evolution of Franchising

★THE EVOLUTION OF FRANCHISING&FUTURE MARKET OPPORTUNITIES FRANCHISING HISTORY *1950'S 1850'S Popular belief is that the first franchising efforts in the US were inadvertently made by the Singer Sewing Machine Company, founded by Albert Singer in the 1850s, but the franchising effort wasn't very successful. Franchises didn't really take off until the 50s and 60s. McDonald's franchises vweren't established until 1955. Colonel Sanders franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken just a few years before in 1952, Burger King in 1953, 1930'S 1960'S Modern franchising came into prominence with food service establishments. In 1932, Wendy's was franchised in 1969. Other giants appearing during that time were: Holiday Inn, Roto-Rooter, Dunkin Donuts, H&R Block, Lee Myles, Howard Deering Johnson established the first modern restaurant franchise Midas, 7-Eleven, Dunhill Personnel, Baskin-Robbins, "Howard Johnson's." Pearle Vision Center and Sheraton. 2010 FRANCHISE BUSINESS ECONOMIC OUTLOOK21 Number of franchises in the U.S. in 2009 estimated at 883,292, with an output of $844.7 B. Breakdown by sector in 2009 (healthcare falls under personal services) 37,646 Automotive Commercial & Residential Services 56,836 Quick Service Restaurants: 187,068 187,068 Table/Full Service Restaurants 47,592 69,093 Retail Food 32,076 Lodging 40,426 Real Estate 227,813 Business Services 98,427 Personal Services Retail Products & Services 86,315 Highest forecasted growth is for personal services, at 3.8%. AMERICA'S TOP 10 FRANCHISES FOR 2012 (31 From Entrepreneur's "Franchise 500o" listings, based on quantifiable measures like financial strength, stability, growth rate, and size of the system. 1 (2) (3 4) 5) Hampton Jnn SUBWAY Dennys SERVPRO ELEVEN 6) (7) 8. (10) Pizza Hut DUNKIN' DONUTS DAYS INN i'm lovin' it H&R BLOCK NOTABLE HEALTHCARE FRANCHISES OLDEST HEALTHCARE FRANCHISE Pearle Vision (eye care & eyewear) 670 locations Began franchising in 1980, founded 1961 being the oldest healthcare franchise. [4] OTHER NOTEBALE HEALTHECARE FRANCHISE ACCESSIBLE HOME MASSAGE ENVY SONUS HEALTH CARE DOCTORS EXPRESS (therapeutic massage & facial services) (hearing care services) (urgent care services) 114 LOCATIONS (medical & nonmedical home care & staffing) 40 LOCATIONS 693 LOCATIONS 106 LOCATIONS Entrepreneur predicts that one of the largest opportunities for franchising in 2012 will be senior care services (baby boomers aging) HEARING-LOSS FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES 51 Hearing loss is a growing problem in the United States, with more Americans suffering from it than you would think. With hearing aid sales steadily growing year after year, this presents an excellent opportunity for business to enter this market. THERE ARE 34.25 MILLION AMERICANS WITH HEARING LOSS 7% 17% 39% of people between 45 and 65 of people between 45 and 65 of people 75 and older have hearing loss. have hearing loss. have hearing loss. [8] IN 2000, HEARING AID SALES VOLUME WAS ABOUT 2/3 (65%) OF WHAT IT WAS IN 2009: 1,930,005 UNITS COMPARED TO 2,613,081 IN 2009 [6] In 2010, sales rose to 2.69 million hearing aid unitS sold (7) Sources Created by: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. MarkeTrack VIII - 2010 SONUS.

The Evolution of Franchising

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With the constant us and downs of today's economy, franchising options are being considered by more aspiring and current entrepreneurs and small business owners. Therefore, Sonus has used their exp...


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