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Eureeca Capital Crowdfunding & Equity Information

Eureeca Capital Making it Easy to invest in a Growing Business Crowd funding is the process of funding a project or a venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people typically through the internet. In the Middle East, there is a platform called Eureeca Crowdfunding that is helping startups from the region to raise funding from members of the public anywhere else in the world A Crowd Funding Model is fueled by three types of actors: Individuals or The project initiator who proposes the idea and/or the project that has to be funded groups who support the idea A moderating organization (the platform) that brings the parties together to launch the idea Important facts about crowd funding In 2013, the crowdfunding industry grew to over "CROWD + FUNDING" $5.1 billion According the the earliest recorded use of the word "crowdfunding" was by Michael Sullivan in fundavlog in August 2006 worldwide Crowdfunding websites helped companies and individuals worldwide raise funding from members of the public : US$ 5.1 billion (Projected Growth) For 2014, during the month of March 2014 US$ 2.66 billion (1.6 billion raised in North America) more than US$60,000 were raised on an hourly basis with 444 fundcrowding campaigns launched globally on a daily basis US$ 1.47 billion US$ 0.89 billion 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 TYPES OF CROWDFUNDING REWARDS CROWDFUNDING EQUITY CROWDFUNDING entrepreneurs pre-sell a product or service to launch a business concept without incurring debt or sacrificing equity/shares the backer receives shares of the company usually in the early stages in exchange for the money pledged. The success of the company is determined Purposes for which rewards-based crowdfunding is used: - Motion picture promotion Free software development - Inventions development by how well it can demonstrate its viability. - Scientific research Civic projects Crowdfunding Platforms SIGNIFICANT CAMPAIGNS In the film industry, Mark Tapio Kines raised more than $125,000 on the internet from at least MARİLLION 25 fans to fund the unfinished film Foreign Correspondents In 1997, fans underwrote an entire US tour of the British rock group Marillion raising $60,000 in donations by means of a fan-based internet campaign also from the film industry.. From June 2004 to June 2009, Franny Armstrong raised £1,500,000 for the feature film "The Age of Stupid" through a donation system HIGHEST GROSSING CAMPAIGNS KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGNS STAR The Coolest Cooler raised a total of US$13,285,226 from 62,642 backers for waterproof Bluetooth speakers and LED light| Star Citizen an online space trading and combat video game being developed by Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games claimed to have raised US$61 million as of November 19, 2014 to beat the previous record of US$10,266,844 set by "Pebble Watch" Writer Rob Thomas raised $5.7 million from 91,585 backers in April 2013 to create the future film version of CITIZEN Veronica Mars Eureeca Crowdfunding 6,801 investors Investors must be 18 and above to put in as little as $100 investment though each company 106 Countries sets its minimum investment threshold – the higher the minimum the greater is the chance for quality investors Largest individual investment: $61,000 Average Investment: $5,924.74 Business that will apply for funding with Eureeca Capital must upload: Executive Summary Business Plan Financial Projections eureeca com Videos or image of the business RESOURCES: eureeca-com

Eureeca Capital Crowdfunding & Equity Information

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Entrpereneurs are using crowdfunding platforms more so now than ever. Eureeca Capital presents an explanation for those interested in crowdfunding whether they are using Indiegogo,Kickstarter, or




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