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Environmental Management

ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Environmental Management - How Going Green Can Boost Your Bottom Line Most small-business owners do not know that environmental management can be beneficial to the company in ways that go well beyond helping the environment: From an internal operations perspective, going green can actually reduce costs and help avoid liabilities, as well as present unexpected business opportunities if your company can provide an environmental solution to others. From an external perspective, by going green your company is that much more attractive to investors, lenders, insurers, customers and employees. Environmental management is quickly becoming a bottom-line benefit - and a proverbial win-win - for small businesses. ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING Environmental Monitoring - How Environmental Monitoring Can Increase the Quality of Life Environmental monitoring describes the processes and activities that usually take place to characterise and monitor the quality of the environment. This process is used in the preparation of • environmental impact assessments, as • well as in many circumstances in which human activities carry a risk of harmful effects on the natural environment. In short words, environmental monitoring refers to any automated physical environment, sensors that measure parameters of our including the noise and the atmosphere. SI000 $I000 ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT Choosing the Best Environmental Assessment Course Deciding on what environmental assessment course is best for you to take is really a function of what your goals are. For those still in college and into the natural and social sciences, they should pick the entry level courses in environmental risk assessment courses while trying to get involved in research projects to see if this is the field that they would like to pursue. NEWS ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE For those that have not come across this term before, it is about conforming to environmental legislation, regulations, standards and any other requirements concerning the environment. It is understandable therefore that with Environmental compliance is fast becoming a well known term in industry, construction and even in the public sector and is having an increasing impact on the way that large companies do business. the rise and tightening in environmental laws and standards, the profile of environmental compliance has been virtually every large company and organisation has to consider their impact on the environment and make changes accordingly. Over the next few years we can expect this to filter down to smaller businesses and regulations become even stricter. raised. Now Safety Inspection SAFETY INSPECTION It is hard to work in any type of workplace, from a general office to a factory or even a retail store, without hearing something of OSHA from time to time. OSHA is the Occupational Safety SAFETY FIRST and Health Association, which is a federal agency charged with regulating workplace health and safety. CHEMICAL PLANT SAFETY INSPECTIONS Plant safety inspection is the effective measures to prevent accident and even emergency ELECTRICAL SAFETY INSPECTION It is essential for everyone, to check all their electrical systems and to follow the latest safety situations. In most cases, safety Neglecting this might lead to norms. inspection is more active, rather electrocution of a member or worse, fire from electrical sparks can cause the building to be in flames. To avoid these mishaps, Electrical Safety Inspection becomes necessary. than reactive. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT

Environmental Management

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