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An Entrepreneur's Anatomy

An Entrepreneur's Anatomy Surprising Facts About What Makes a Magnate! "As long as you're going to be thinking anyway, think BIG." Donald Trump UNDER THE IMPRESSION THAT ALL STARTUP BUSINESSES REQUIRE YOUTHFUL SPRITE, OLD MONEY AND IMMEDIATE RESULTS IN ORDER TO MAKE IT BIG? THINK AGAIN ! IN FACT 40 75.4% less than 1% of successful entrepreneurs come from extremely rich or extremely poor backgrounds of successful entrepreneurs worked as employees at other companies for more than 6 years before launching their the average age of Successful entrepreneurs when they started their current companies own companies The following research has been compiled by the Founder Institute (FI): includes responses of 15,000 business founder participants data is said to predict entrepreneurial success with 85% accuracy BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THE KEY(S) TO STARTUP SUCCESS IS LARGELY DEPENDENT UPON THESE FOUR COMMON MARKERS, SHARED AMONGST MOGULS: &, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE * CREATIVE/POSITIVE THINKING FLUID INTELLIGENCE FLEXIBILITY/AGREEABLENESS (source: Forbes) And what about those unsavory traits that can damper your startup endeavors? EMOTIONAL PREDATORY DECEITFULNESS INSTABILITY EXCUSE-MAKING AGGRESSIVENESS NARCISSISM MOTIVATIONS FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP According to the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship, the following incentives serve as motivators for business startups |BUILDING WEALTH STARTUP CULTURE CAPITALIZING ON ORIGINAL BUSINESS IDEA | OWNING A COMPANY DID YOU KNOW ? 51.9% of successful entrepreneurs were the first in their familles to launch a business 530,000 new businesses are created each month in the U.S. 60.3% of successful entrepreneurs were driven to start their own business because standard work environments did not appeal to them "Choose a job that you like,and you will never have to work a day in your life." (Confucius) BREAK FREE FROM THE 9-5 MONOTONY CONSIDER YOUR STARTUP OPTIONS TO JUMP START TOMORROW'S NEXT GREAT ENDEAVOR...TODAY! BROUGHT TO YOU BY STARTUPBROS.COM sources: successful-entrepreneurs-always-da/ live-by/ success/ StartupBros Vondanlanikajob.

An Entrepreneur's Anatomy

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The one thing that really jumped out at me was that nearly half of all successful entrepreneurs weren’t even considering that path in college – I wouldn’t have guessed that! Learn the realizatio...


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