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Entrepreneurial DNA - Do You Have It?

Do You Have Entrepreneur DNA? Decoding the DNA To apply to the Founder Institute entrepreneur training program, you don't need a company, or even an idea. Rather, applicants take a Predictive Admissions test designed by leading social scientists to identify entrepreneurial personality traits. 1500+ 85% accuracy enrolled founders in predicting success Predictive Entrepreneur Training Program Real World Analyze and Calibrate Admissions Test Performance 15,000+ people have taken 675+ graduated companies in 25+ countries & 5 continents the test So...What Makes a Great Entrepreneur? 28+ pattern recognition years old real world experience project completion logic skills abstract PROFESSIONAL thinking EXPERIENCE HIGH FLUID You don't have to drop out of college to be a successful founder. Our data shows that 34 year-olds with domain expertise and management experience have the advantage. INTELLIGENCE Can you quickly learn a rule set and apply it to solve a novel problem? With a constantly changing playing field, founders must recognize patterns and quickly adapt to survive. HIGH MODERATE OPENNESS AGREEABLENESS Are you constantly seek- ing new experiences and knowledge? Does your curiosity cause you to challenge accepted Can you balance cooperation with antagonism? Are you generally warm and considerate, but straightforward and harsh when necessary? The best equipped founders are flexible. norms? The best entre- preneurs seek change - not the status quo. straightforward creative considerate positive thinker cooperative curious and seeking adventure Bad Founder DNA EXCUSE-MAKING EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY 21@# PREDATORY AGGRESSIVENESS NARCISSISM I DECEIT DIDIDID ID D IDIDIDIDI Irrelevant DNA I.Q. CONSCIENTIOUSNESS As surprising as it may sound, we have seen no correlation between I.Q and founder success. So much so, we recently removed I.Q. from our test. Conscientiousness measures the responsibility and industriousness of a candidate, but we have not seen a strong correlation with success. Think you have Entrepreneur DNA? Apply to the Founder Institute and find out. Designed by Andrea Chen 000000000 |000000000 000000000 00000000.

Entrepreneurial DNA - Do You Have It?

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For the last three years, the Founder Institute has had its applicants perform a battery of personality and aptitude tests. Then it tracked those applicants — more than 15,000 test-takers as their s...


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