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The Enterprise Guide to Social Media Strategy

THE ENTERPRISE Guide TO SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY 33% cune of Millennials said that they would prioritize social-media freedom, device flexibility, and work mobility over salary in a job offer. Start with Culture 1. Walk the walk - C-suite lead the charge by implementing social values first. Share personal and valuable content. Make your profiles public. Engage regularly, and add to the industry. Others will look to you for behavioral cues. 2. Empower employees - encourage (or even expect) employees to be social, provide them with the tools and insight they need, and appoint someone to keep on top of emerging platforms. A Social Enterprise will reap benefits of employees who are. 56% V Building connections. Finding new infomation. of college students said they would not accept a job from a company V Sharing insights and observations. that banned access to V Creating Content. social media. Satisfied with their job. V Equipped and empowered for social media. Think Strategy 1. Define your goals - What is your enterprise trying to accomplish on social media? Are you aiming to establish thought leadership? Promote the brand? Generate sales? Improve customer service? 2. Establish metrics - What does success look like? And what are the tools you need to track it? 3. Decide tactics - Who says what, where, and when? Build an org chart to outline how conversation should be routed within the organization. **A solid communication process will help your team identify, prioritize and engage in a timely, effective manner. 95% of Facebook Wall posts are not answered by brands. 64% are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that responded to them. E Social Media Policy There isn't a "right" policy that is appropriate for all organizations. It must be tailored to the culture, strategy, goals and objectives. Some businesses have very lenient social media policies, and trust employees will use their common sense. Others like IBM are more involved, and provide very clear direction about what can and can't be done by employees. Whatever you choose, develop your guidelines (not policy) with the team and for the team. An appropriate policy will facilitate conversation, not hinder it. Only 53% of employers have a formal policy on social media. 42% say no to any use of social media. 57% of small companies have a formal social media policy. Only 47% of large companies do. Vp Want more? Visit for enterprise insights and resources!

The Enterprise Guide to Social Media Strategy

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For the enterprise, adjusting to the pace emerging technology and social media can be an extremely daunting task. Many don’t bother trying. But, organizations that invest the time and resources int...


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