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The Endeavor Multiplier Effect

THE ENDEAVOR MULTIPLIER EFFECT DIOUI SPLITCAST TRENDSETTER ECUALIA SINIMANES TAGGIFY COMENTA.TV FACTOR IDEAME UWALL.TV PARSIMOTION JOINCUBE ZAUBER BANCO TACTIVOS LEMON LEMON BRANDIGITAL II UBURO WORMHOLEIT BUKEALA POPEGO FLIPZU JUNAR EYÖLUTION- GROUP EGUIA OLEO DEDALORD DEPAGINAS ACINEMAKI MAPPLO DEALANDIA NETWORK MAP OF BUENOS AIRES TECH SECTOR CUBIKA GETSENSE FON LINKEDSTORE PIXOWL THREE PATAGON MELONS PIGMALION STREEMA REALREF FÜLLSALES INBED.ME DISENG PORTENO ADS MOVIL SOCIAL RADIO DECIDIR CONFRONTE COMPANIES INTEXTUAL DINEROMAIL Size of circle reflects the number of outgoing connections of entrepreneurs at each company AXG DEREMATE MINDSET STUDIO KEEPCON ON TRADE PUERTO WEB OLX NUBING SIA SISTEMAS-- ESTILO3D PERCEPTION GROUP CRITERIA BUMERA TFX MEDIA DIANDI TECHNISYS WIROOS SIA INTERACTIVE BIXTI INDEX COMPANIES CONNECTED To OTHER COMPANIES COMPANIES TANK WIP OF ENDEAVOR STUDIO SMOWTION RELEVANCE DOS MONOS E-MIND 1997- 1999 ENTREPRENEURS ENDEAVOR ASIGNET ENTREPRENEURS 1990- 1996 2000- 2006 2007- 2011 YEAR FOUNDED STEADY Note: Entrepreneurs are represented by their most prominent companies. VURBIA TECH SOCIAL METRIX LAB EPEXO CUPONES ONLINE AFLUENTA CLUB POINT OPENWARE INTER MARKETING CONNECTIONS SOCIAL AD TPVBOOKING SONICO OFFICENET MENTORSHIP NETKIOSK DIGITAL AMTEC POINT VENTURES ZETANET OKEYKO INTELLIGNOS INSPIRATION GROUP INVESTMENT ARGENT CONVERGENCY FORMER EMPLOYEE AD SHUTTLE MEDIA NETWORKS FOUNDER DATOS CLAROS INVÉRTIR ONLINE. INZEARCH SUMAVISOS RESTORANDO DEPRESTAMOS BÉBESNET WEDDING AXIALENT MERCADOLIBRE TIENDA NUBE CONEXIA EMERGING CAST TARJETÁSBUBBA From 2000 to 2010, Argentina experienced severe economic challenges, including the devaluation of its curency and double- digit inflation. The tech sector in Buenos Aires, however, grew significantly to become one of the largest and most successful in Latin America. Hundreds of new companies launched in the city and Google opened its third international headquarters office there. Several notable exits also occurred during this time. Patagon was sold to Banco Santander, went public on the NASDAQ and Digital Ventures was sold to Fox. AD FUNKY THE MIND COMPANY WEB FNBOX TARJETASTEL HUNT GEELBE RECARGA LARALA MOBILE ADS GLOBANT CREATION FLOW FUTBOL S.N. DATAM HARREN MULTIPIN PROGEN MEDIA A number of Endeavor Entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires have played critical roles mentoring, inspiring and investing in other firms. As this network map GOOD PEOPLE ALAMAULA WASABIT illustrates, more than 90% of the companies connected to this network were founded by Endeavor Entrepreneurs or were influenced by their companies. At the time this map was created, the companies connected to this network employed more than 80,000 people and had estimated revenues of $1.4Bn in 2010. CUPONICA OPINAIA ALTODOT SOCIAL SNACK WARAGON WEEMBA OONY AVANTRIP FLARE3D AXESO5 VOSTU PEDIDOSYA ENDEAVOR INSIGHT Source: This network map is the result of surveys & interviews with more than 200 tech entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires conducted during the summer of 2011.

The Endeavor Multiplier Effect

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From 2000 to 2010, Argentina experienced severe economic challenges, including the devaluation of its currency and double-digit inflation. The tech sector in Buenos Aires, however, grew significantly ...


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