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The End of Kodak's Moment

With plunging stock prices and a newly filed bankruptcy filing, some are wondering if this is THE KODAK'S END Kodachrome D PROas . KR 71 Kodak Film OF I MOMENT KODACHROME The first color stil film, Kodachrome Rvolutionted the Industry. The film used asubtractive cokr method Kodak halted production ofthe Kodachrome Ine offilmin 2009. S20ROWNIC EASYSHARE RIRM Kodaks collection of digkal cameras, all-h-ne hijet printes, accessorles and ontne servkesfal inderthe Easyshare brand. BROWNIE The Erownle was the first afferdable camera AUGUST 2011 The patent, fled by Geolge Easiman, k the Biwmiecamefa produced for the masses, Its Intreduction la 1900 alowed for the brthofthe icbbyof phobgraphy. Thecamera sold for $1, with film costing 15cents The Interna tional Trade Commission issues a split decision in a billion dollar patent dipute between Kodak and Apple and RIM. 1928 1997 16 mm Kodacolor 1988 Stock prices hit an al-time high at $94. film allows amateur cinematographers to shoot color movies. 1935 Kodachrome debuts, becoming the first successful Kodak employment peaks at 144,000. 1962 1881 Kodak's consolidated Eastman joins with sales surpass the $1 bilion mark. SEPTEMBER 2011 Stock prices plunge to 54 cents per share. financial bader 1907 JULY 12, 1854 George Eastman bom. amateur color film. SICK PACES Henry Stong to form Eastman Dry Plate Co. Kodakemplyment hits 5,000 worldwide. FEBRUARY 1900 EMPLOYMENT The Kodak Brownie is introdued 1850 O- %23 OO 2012 1888 The name Kodak'is bom. Eastman came up with the word because he liked the letter K, and the name was Kodak 2001 JANUARY 2012 Kodak files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Kodnk 1981 (Kodak The Easy Share system is umveiled, offering a newline of digital camerasand docking Kodak 1878 c. 1935 Company sales exceed $10 billionworktwide. Eastman displays 1960 1971 1987 . . 1907 unique and easy to remember. The company'sslogan was"You press the button, we do the rest" 1950 An 18'x 60'Kodak the effectiveness of 1914 Construction beginson Kodaks headquarters in Rochester, NY. 1963 Kodaks Instamatic cartridge camera was introduced High demand 1989 The Kodak Fun Saver stations. gelatin-based dry plate photography. 1937 Colorama display sareen is installed in the Grand 1975 one-time-use camera Kodaslide top-loading slide projector isintroduced Kodak Kodak invents the workt's is introduced Central Station teminal. first digital camera. for the cameras meant 2006 Dismantled in 1989, it featured many iconic photos over the years. more than 50 million were produced before 1970. KODAKGRAPHIC COM MUHICATIONS Rodheter, MY KODAK WORLD HEADQUARTERS Iıhestd, NY h total, Kodak holds a hefty partioio of 11,0 patent. h this analyis of Kodak's digtal imaging patents, 69 pefcent of patents wde fund to be of glestintelest to potential buyefs. Tarsler patentsafe hoe patents afenly aughtup in complex precesaution batles and pod patents depalant of fitde inefes topotential buyels Serefaltednology comparieshavelarge imtdestin the Kodak Ppoltfoio. Kodak holds a snal porion of he deil camefamarket. The conpanys ine of Eanyhate camdas indudes point-and-shoot pocket sirel camefas andsevefal with lakgd lenses. EASTMAN GELATINE CORPORATION .. Rabot, Mas. For mofe han a contaly Kodak bas been a apparie of the Chyrpk Ganes. Atel the 2006 Summel Ganesin Bojng Kodak endel its classiication as a toptid sponal. k was also leignatel he "offcial phatuglaphy sponsal"fil sevelad of the Games QUALEX Durtam. W KODAKJAPAH Tyo ALANTA BRANCH Atianta, Ga Most Conmercial Pool KODAKCHINA Shangta 13 KODAK INDIA Mumtal Eodaks Patent Portfollo Othel Canon Tander Сопmact The broad spectfun df tadks Kodak subsidulies perfan at ocations acfossthe glabe Teflects Geofge Eastman's insistene on contfolng the ploduction places fon stalttofinish hadátion to nine Acadany Awad: for the Digital Camera company'sinnowion in the afena ofmoion pictales, the campany beasts an implessive list of movies shot Kodak im Evety Acadamy Award-winning fin fom 1928 to Kodak I Market Sony FUJFILM rO Microacft SONY Canon 2009 was shot un lodak fim, Panasonic Samsang Mibon SOLRCE:WWW.KCOAK.COM, WWW.WCLFRAMALPHA.COM, WwW.FLIKNR.COM, Www.LEMSNEOS.COM, DE RESEARCH, WWW.WSI.COM, wwW.LOOMBERG COM, WWWDKIKAMHSTORY.COM, www.USATCOAY COM, WWWFUNDINGUNIVERSE.COM, wwW.IMBD.COM SJIAOW OLYMPICS

The End of Kodak's Moment

shared by kevin.uhrmacher on Dec 02
History of Kodak and it's downfall, completed for an infographics class.




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