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Employee Retention in the Middle East

BAYE Employee Retention in the Middle East and North Africa Compared to previous generations, employee retention is: 9.2% The same 2013 30.6% 60.2% Higher now Lower now Is turnover rate high in your company? Which department has the highest turnover rate? 24.1% No 43.9% Sales and marketing 14.3% IT 9.3% Finance 9.1% Other 8.8% Administration 31.2% Yes moderately 7.2% HR 44.7% 4.6% Senior management Yes very 2.8% Supply chain What was the average period of time you have stayed in a certain job? How many times have you changed jobs in your career? Who do you think are the easiest to retain? Where do you think employee retention is higher? 43.5% 78.8% GCC countries Fresh grads/ Entry level professionals 10.3% Other 7.3% North African countries 3.6% Levant countries I 31% Mid career level professionals I 15.3% Senior level professionals I 10.2% Directors and C-suite professionals What is the most important factor for employee retention? How long would you like to stay in your current job? 26.6% Competitive salary and benefits packages 54.7% I want to leave immediately 17.7% Performance recognition 16.4% Until retirement 17.6% Good manager-employee relationship 9.5% 1 more year 14.4% Training and development opportunities 6% 6-10 more years 10.5% Clear career path 5.3% 4-5 more years 8.1% Good working conditions 5.1% 2 more years 5.1% Flexible work arrangement 3% 3 more years At what age would you like to retire? Which do you think have the best employee retention? 49.4% Multinational companies 37.4% Governmental entities 18.6% In my 5os 7.4% In my 40s 29.3% In my 6os 9.5% Large local |companies 3.7% Small local companies 4.7% In my 20s 3.2% In my 30s 36.8% Never To what extent does fear of being fired guide your decision to change jobs? If companies offered reasonable job security guarantees would that improve retention? 13.8% To a small extent 13.9% No, people would still leave 16.8% To a medium FIRED extent 24.7% 40% Not at all, T have other Yes, to some extent 44.7% To a large extent 46.1% reasons Yes, to a large extent Why did you leave your last job? How did you find your last job? 45.2% I wasn't paid enough 26.3% Other 34.5% Through friends and family 7.9% I was not motivated 32.5% Online 5.8% I didn't get on with the manager 5.7% I was fired/made redundant 18.8% I approached companies directly 4% I didn't like the company 1.5% I didn't get in with the team 6.7% Through newspapers 1% I was underperforming 2.6% All of abovę Other 7.5% БaУЕ "Employee Retention in the Middle East and North Africa", a Poll, February 2013. For more research and reports on the Middle East, visit The Middle East's #1 Job Site 27.7% Two to five years 22.2% Less than a year 20.5% Up to two years 17.9% 5 to 10 years 11.7% + 10 years 41.5% Never 25.3% Twice 24.2% 3 to 5 times 4.6% More than 7 times 4.4% 6 or 7 times

Employee Retention in the Middle East

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Are professionals today more likely to quit their jobs compared to those of the previous generations? Which department typically has a hard time retaining employees? On average, how long do profession...



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