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Employee Happiness Really Does Matter

EMPLOYEE HAPPINESS REALLY DOES MATTER In tough economic times, many people may presume that employee satisfaction could slip down the business agenda. An additional 33,000 jobseekers joined the Eurozone unemployment register in February 2013, bringing the total to 19 million people who may be likely to compromise job satisfaction for a regular payslip. Evidence is strengthened by news that, at the end of 2012, approximately 200,000 Brits settled for 'zero hours' contracts that gave no guarantee of work, pay or security just to avoid unemployment. However, it could be argued that employers should be expected to strive harder during difficult times to maximise productivity and ensure that employee contribution is optimised. HOW DO EMPLOYEES REALLY FEEL? Only 38% of UK employees say they are actively enagaged at 64% of people feel they have more skill and talent to offer than they are currently being asked to demonstrate at work 20 million UK workers work. are not 47% of employees feel unfairly treated and not fully informed about what's happening within their organisation reaching their full capacity or realising their potential they are under pressure 38% of employees say at work. either everyday or once or twice a week ACCORDING TO THE CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF PERSONNEL AND DEVELOPMENT, WORKERS UNDER THE AGE OF 24 ARE LEAST SATISFIED WITH THEIR JOBS, JOB SATISFACTION SEEMS TO NCREASES AS EMPLOYEE AGE RISES, DISSATISFACTION OCCURS WHEN EMPLOYESS ARE 43% of employees feel their current Unrecognised 86% of workers said workplace does not recognise hard work they do not get the training and guidance required for their job Pressured Uninformed Limited in growth FOUR WAYS BUSINESSES CAN FUEL EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION Reward good work and establish what deserves recognition Involve employees in future company goals Create a postive, fun and comfortable work space for employees Ensure that employees have a good work/life balance It appears a few simple steps can make a significant difference to the workforce and therefore company productivity. If organisations were to invest in only a small amount of time and expense towards the satisfaction of their employees, they would see the benefits quickly Piktochar

Employee Happiness Really Does Matter

shared by Char_SD on Apr 11
Times may be tough economically, but companies often wrongly address the strain by compromising the happiness of their employees. Taking action to raise levels of staff satisfaction has been shown to ...




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