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Employee Engagement: Why, What and How?

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT WHY, WHAT AND HOW? Q WHAT IS EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT? employee engagement |emplɔr'i: m'geidzm(ɔ)nt, ɛn-| A noun is a measure of how engaged staff are with their company. It is assessed by the interaction with, and perception of, the organisation by staff on a physical, mental and emotional level. Q. WHY IS ENGAGEMENT IMPORTANT? A Engaged employees are HAPPIER HEALTHIER AND MORE FULFILLED They also deliver better performance, are stronger advocates of their organisation, and protect the employer from reputational risks associated with poor service levels or product quality. THERE ARE 3 DIMENSIONS TO EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT How well employees are intellectually stimulated by their job intellectual social affective How employees engage with the organisation on a social level. How employees emotionally perceive the company. Q HOW CAN U YOU IMPROVE, EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT! Use the right employměnt engagement survey 2 Cultivate a comfortable work environment Assess and measure employee attitudes. TRY ISURVEYS+ APPRAISALSI Create conditions in which [MEETINGS) your employees will want to exercise their potential. MAKE THE WORKPLACE [COLLABORATIVE) [FLEXIBLE) [INTERNAL SOCIAL MEDIA] 3 [COMFORTABLE) Choose the right manager 4 Employees need to see committed managers who uphold the values of the organisation. Coach managers CHOOSE MANAGERS WHO CAN Hold managers responsible for their employee's engagement. IMOTIVATE) HELP THEM PUT TOGETHER A PLAN FOR. ISUPPORT) [EMPOWER] ISUPPORTING EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING) [PRAISING GO0 WORK] [DEALING WITH PROBLEMSI 5 Define engagement goals in a realistic, everyday term 6. Develop and communicate a meaningful action plan. Keep channels of communication open ADDRESS THE 3 ASPECTSOF ENGAGEMENT Your employees should feel comfortable voicing their opinions. FLEXIBLE COMMUNICATION ENABLES. ICOLLABORATIVE WORKING] ISTAFF TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR WORK] [INNOVATE) Q THE KEY TO A HIGH-PERFORMING WORKFORCE? APPRECIATION! i A survey conducted by Gallup found that a show of appreciation can have a big influence on engagement and employee happiness. FOLLOW THESE 3 STEPSTO SHOW APPRECIATION TO YOUR STAFF Follow the 3:1. ratio Three positive interactions for every one negative interaction. Arrive in a positive way Been out all day? Enter the office in a warm and upbeat way and take an interest in what they've been doing. DON'T be false - they'll know. Praise in public When you show appreciation do so in front of other. It makes the appreciation more powerful. FIN. This infographic brought to you by O singlesource° SOURCES /hr-resources/factsheets/employee-engagement.aspx Istrategicconsulting/163007/state-american-workplace.aspx (p.11) Isites/siimonreynolds/2014/04/09/appreciation-the-key-to-high-performing-employees/

Employee Engagement: Why, What and How?

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Your staff need to be looked after in order to create a vibrant and happy business. If you're staff are cared for then the happiness in the office will soar and the creativity and hard-work will start flowing.


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