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Employee Engagement and Recognition

tapmyback WHY DOES EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT MATTER? Employee engagemet does not mean employee happiness or satisfaction. That is not enough! An engaged employee is both happy and satisfied but he has the emotional commitment to the organization and its goals. That's right! 74% are not engaged. 29% Actively Disengaged 45% 26% Disengaged Engaged COSTS OF DISENGAGEMENT Disengaged 350$ Billion / Year U.S Companies -33% Income Young employees with no career longterm goals tend to be disengaged; Lower company hierarchy usually means less engagement The largest percentage of disengaged employees is found on the Y Generation, those born between 1978 and 1994 Engaged +19% income +$ +$ +$ They are decision makers They promote company culture Focused on their careers +S Engaged employees are motivated by their leaders WHAT DRIVES EMPLOYEES? 25% 25% Manager Relationships 13% Opportunities 9% Flexible Conditions 8% Challenging Work 8% Work Preferences 5% Coworker Cooperation 5% Impact on Company Career Development RECOGNITION AS A KEY FACTOR WHY EMPLOYEES LEAVE? Don't feel their work recognized Diferent values than their employees Career goals don't match employees plans Don't respect the person they report to 40% 60% 50% RECOGNITION 64% 22% Leave their job because they don't feel recognized Feel they are regularly recognized say they would leave would work harder 49% their job for a company 69% if they were better that recognized employees recognized. of those who don't feel of U.S workers say 63% 78% recognized intend to quit their jobs in the next 2 years. recognition is a part of their daly motivation. is not everything Organizations that use reward based recognition spend 38 billion every year but only 29% feel recognized. TOP MOTIVATIONAL TECHNIQUES 27% Praise/ Recognition %24 18% Monetary Rewards Why do monetary awards Best ways to praise? rank so low? Recognized and praise employees on a daily basis; - They lack the trophy value that gives status; Honor employees publicity; - Employees don't often talk about them with each other; - Diversify reward to meet each employee needs. They tend to be forgotten as they are quickly spent; - Cash does not stand out as an extra incentive. MAKE YOUR TEAM HAPPY "People often say motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing. That's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar Peer-to-peer recognition is one of the most valuable forms of appreciation at the workplace. It gives a continuous feedback on the employee performance and gives him the motivation to continue improving and being a team player. This leads to a better employee engagement which reflects directly on the happiness level of your team and boosts the company performance and productivity. Tapmyback is a simple tool for optimal employee engagement and motivation through the power W tap myback of peer-to-peer recognition. Hnewledge e Get recognition by your peers Give recognition with a tap in 3 simple steps See in which areas you need to improve Judih Grimes See & Did you know Last wek youraaed 4 A complement to the traditional annual evaluation process in the organizations, with the benefit of being in real-time. Available on web and mobile app Download for free at Sources: U.S. Departement of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics ASP employees-on-a-budged.html

Employee Engagement and Recognition

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Employee Engagement is a key factor on the success of a company. It drives employees to be more productive and ultimately happier at the workplace. One of best ways to engage employees is by recogniz...


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