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Employee Empowerment and The Mobile Solution

Employee Empowerment and the Mobile Solution The employee is a company's biggest investment, one that must be empowered to have it's best chance for success. 66 A 5% increase in employee engagement in one year is associated with a 3% increase in revenue growth in the next. 99 Aon Hewitt, Consultant HOW DO YOU EFFECTIVELY EMPOWER YOUR EMPLOYEES? Start by using tools they actually want to use. Workers who say their employers use mobile technology well are typically more productive, creative, satisfied and loyal. KEY AREAS OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGY TO ENGAGE YOUR EMPLOYEES COMMUNICATION Retail employees are often spread out and busy interacting with customers. This makes it more difficult to get important information to them. Content has to be easily accessible and digestible. 64% 00 American adults now own a smartphone of some kind, making it the most common method of communication today. ENGAGEMENT Employees are starting to value mobility rather than 大 stability in the workplace, and job-hopping is becoming more and more common. Engaged employees are retained employees, and mobile technology is the key. Engaged companies grow profits Q1 as much as 3 times faster than their competitors. PRODUCTIVITY Highly engaged 40% employees are 38% Mobile app usage is more likely to have estimated to above average improve productivity productivity. as much as 40%. Productivity apps can come in the form of task management, badging, and gamification, or can be completely custom. ACCESSIBILITY Sharing key information with employees has been shown to grow profits as much as 300%. Benefits of access to Employees know when they information include loyalty, are in the dark, and will be better decision making, disengaged as a result. and active engagement. TRAINING As a key part of the employee experience, innovative training is essential for empowering employees. 77% of American Corporations are using online learning. Today's millennial dominate workforce demands a company with updated technology and innovative solutions, and prefers the freedom of mobile devices. SOURCES RevUnit oC

Employee Empowerment and The Mobile Solution

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The employee is a company's biggest investment, one that must be empowered to have it's the best chance for success




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