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Emergency! Don’t Let Your Content Flatline

DON'TLET YOUR ww CONTENT FLATLINE Did you know that humans now have an average attention span + of just 8 seconds? Don't let your content flatline - make the móst of your time by keeping it eye-catching and relevant... THE VITAL STATISTICS 5 seconds Average time span of a radio all page views in advert 4 seconds 30 seconds 1O seconds Average length of The avg. time the majority of people will watch an online video for The time 1/5 of a television advert 2012 lasted Plus, as the number of words on a web page goes up, the percentage of words read goes down KEEPIT CONCISE. and remember that a typical visitor will only read 20% of a webpage's content at a rate of 200 WPM MAKE THAT 20% COUNT write what you want to say - then do it again in half the no. of words highlight the words or phrases you want to stand out start with the conclusion - it will get readers hooked in Regularly re-read and re-watch your content - A taste of your own medicine can be good... AND WHENIT COMES TO VIDEO. 이 30 40 50 60 70 By the 30-second mark, 1/3 of your audience has gone By the 60-second mark, 1/2 of your audience has gone HEALTH CHECK Listen to what your audience wants Get to the point, quickly. and inject something special into your content Sources: 1. gonel 2. 3. 4. created by: redrocketmedia SOCIAL & CONTENT MARKETING.

Emergency! Don’t Let Your Content Flatline

shared by kymberly786 on Apr 10
Over the past 13 years, the average attention span of a human being has dropped from 12 to 8 seconds. A drop of 4 seconds may not sound like a lot, but when the success of your content depends on grab...




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