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How to Email the right way New Message To: [email protected] Subject: Hey Man Yo Jonny, Hope your weekend was good. I heard you were going to visit the new Jurassic Park exhibit with your girl was it tight? I i just wánted to get a little more info on a few things that we talked about last week, hope it's not too much, but I just I wanted to get working on this stuff today if possible. The first thing is about that report, what format does it havé to be in? Also, does it need to be completed in any sort of program? Or just wing it? Second is about the data you requested, ! do we need anything in particular or any certain format? Finally, with that meeting on Thursday i will havé to push back when I can have the one thing we talked about finished, is that okay? | Also, do you know what we are supposed to bring to the picnic on Thursday, because I haven't seen anything anywhere but I'didn't watn to be the only one to show up empty handed. John Smith Lead Managing Assistant Some Company Contact: Office Phone 555-555-5555 Cell Phone: 444-444-4444 Fax: 888-888-8888 Email: [email protected] Websites: Some Company Some Company Blog Social Media: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Subject Line Subject: Hey Man Write It First Be Clear *Use Sparingly In Emergency situations, try adding: URGENT ATTN: ASAP: 16***!" Real Quick to grab their attention. Salutation Yo Jonny, Is It Appropriate? DO NOT PUT: "Yo Dr. Smith" "Wuzzup Eric" If you have not built credibility with the recipient. Check Previous Communication: That's where to find their preferred moniker: (e.g. Kathy, Patty, Patrick, etc...) n your girl was it tiyht too much, but I just mat does it havé to be the data you requeste will havé to push ba Message Body thing. 2/3 of ALL Emails on a mobile are read device Be Concise: Begin with the most important point and keep it simple and focused. The goal is to get a response with everything needed in one email. Some Rules of Thumb - Be Mindful 10 sec of your Tone Provide Can they scan the email in 10 seconds or less? If then options Take Control "IF I don't hear anything from you by Tuesday, I will give you a call." of the Use Active Words (not Passive): Follow Up Action Active Verbs Passive Verbs Acted Upon "The charts Taking action "I will finish the charts by will be finished 5:00 PM." by 5:00 PM." Make It Personal: Avoid the 'Form Letter' look, everyone (no matter how high in the tree) would rather have an email made for them. personalized emails received 137% better open rafe Signature John Smith Lead Managing Assistant Some Company Contact: Office Phone 555-555-5555 Cell Phone: 444-444-4444 Fax: 888-888-8888 Email: [email protected] Sign Here: Websites: ne Company mpany Blog Before the signature, put the name that you would like to be called |Condense "Thank you!" or "Have a great day!" is a great way to close the email while also conveying a positive tone. Mind Use the column separator () or colons (::) to Try to avoid just saying "Thanks", it tends to be viewed as impersonal. your mànners separate text Short: • Most important information only (Standard length = 4 lines) Keep It Simple: Plain Text, 1 Color No Images (slows loading time) A+) Test It Mobile Try out a new signature with as many different email clients as possible "Sent from my phone" at the bottom lets the person know that an autocorrect mistake was due to your phone's lack of intelligence, not your own. Tired of chasing down requests? Give Sqrl a trý today for free. sqrl Sources: Signature Signature - - Signature - . - - Signature -- Salutation - - Subject Line - -Message Body - - - Message Body -

Email The Right Way

shared by ABobay on Aug 04
Tired of the co-worker who sends monster emails? The sales people who have huge image files in their signature? Or the Nigerian Businessman who can never seem to nail down basic grammar and vocabulary...


Adam Bobay


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