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Email Marketing Tips For Your Business

Q email marketing tips godo Email Marketing Tips Пра For Your Business Brought to you by Gold Coast Design Studio | Let's get one thing straight. Email marketing is not dead. If you think that your email marketing is not working for your business, then perhaps you are not using it correctly! 1. Match Your Branding Don't you think it will be weird if Kentucky Fried Chicken suddenly changed their colours to purple? The same thing goes for your newsletter. Use the same style of fonts and colours to create a unity across your brand and your audience will be familar with your look. Remember that consistency is key. never ever use comic sans 2. Use Punchy Headlines Ships & Giggles. Did that capture your attention? Your email subject is the MOST important thing so make sure they are punchy but still related to your content. Why? Because if the subject is not eye catching, people are just going to ignore it or worse. delete your email. In which case, you have already failed. Ships & Giggles 3. Send Useful Content Okay. let's be blunt here. No one wants to read useless content. If you don't think that your content is useful, what makes you think your audience will? Send simple and easy to read content that gets right to the point. Don't muck around. Newsletters are meant to be straight forward. 4. Tell a Story (But Keep it Short) One of the best way of getting the message across is through storytelling. People are drawn to stories because they are naturally entertaining. Just keep it short and sweet! Storytelling also gives the content some character, making your audience feel that you actually exist and not a robot sending them spam from the North Pole. 5. Call to Action Don't overdo it. Email newsletters are not meant to be as long as an infographic or a blog. If you have more things to say, drive your audience to your website/blog using a Call to Action button. You know? They look like this. Click Here To Go Somewhere 6. Never Spam! No no... not the good delicious kind of spam. The other kind of spam. The one that makes you think a robot is constantly sending you crap. Don't send ridiculous amount of emails. Chances are your audience will get tired of receiving your emails too frequently and will eventually unsubscribe. SPA 7. Check Your Spelling ABCLE FGHUK LMMOP ORSTU VWXY2 Did you know that one of the most irritating things you can do is make a spelling error in your email campaign? Come on. Get into the habit of spellchecking. Your computer actually has a BUILT IN spellchecker. You don't have any excuses to get out of this one. 8. Think Mobile Where are you currently reading this infographic? On desktop or mobile? Majority of people actually read their emails on their phone. Which means that your email newsletter should be mobile friendly. You will be losing a lot of audience if you restrict your campaign to a desktop version only. Crap! l sent a pieture 9. Send a Test Email of my cat instead. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to send a test email BEFORE you actually send out your email newsletter. The testing stage is very important to go over spelling errors (again), checking that all links are working and that you are thoroughly happy to send this to your audience. 10. End it With Social Media Don't just end your conversation there. Encourage your audience to share what they learnt on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. If your newsletter is good, chances are people are going to want to share it. This infographic is brought to you by: CCDesgnStudio Reni Florentina | Social Media Strategist at GCDS O reniflorentina y @reniflorentina More Than Just Web Design Background from

Email Marketing Tips For Your Business

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Let’s get one thing straight. Email marketing is not dead. If you think that your email marketing is not working for your business, then perhaps you are not using it correctly!


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