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Email Marketing Tips

10 Things You Shouldn't Include In Your Email Campaign If you want to succeed with email marketing, here are some of the top faux-pas you should be sure to avoid! 1) AVOID: Too Many Words... Why? The average adult's attention span is 8 seconds... To put that into perspective; a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds 2) AVOID: A Subject Line That Will See You In The Junk Folder Your email won't reach its target audience Why? "% off" "Reminder" "Free" 2$ All of these trigger spam filters according to Mailchimp 3) AVOID: Too Much About You ZZz Why? Potential customers aren't actually interested in you! Show them how to solve their own problems or entertain them, it's much more likely to generate a response 4) AVOID: Deceptive Subject Lines Why? False subject lines with RE: and FWD: in them only create distrust Be honest; don't pretend this is part of an ongoing conversation as recipients will soon catch on. sending. 5) AVOID: A 'No-Reply' Sender Address Why? The relationship No-reply email addresses such feels one way as click thorough and conversions decrease response rates 6) AVOID: One Big Image Why? If the images don't load, you won't get your message across Image only emails are often sent to spam A ratio of 80:20 text to image is recommended 7) AVOID: Broken Links Why? Interested readers can't access the landing page At best X At worst CLOSED you lose subscribers and your campaign fails to convert customers 8) AVOID: Typos Why? Take the time to check and Typos or small grammatical errors look unprofessional and spammy proof every campaign 9) AVOID: Content Without alue Why? If subscribers don't find your emails valuable, they are more likely to UNSUBSCRIBE Don't chase a sale in every communication Give subscribers a reason to enjoy hearing from you! 10) AVOID: Too Many Calls To Action Why? Too many messages can leave readers confused, so they take no action at all There's no set number that works for all, so test and learn how many is too many for your audience What To Do If Mistakes Happen Assess: Respond: Decide how big an impact the error will have Correct the mistake if possible, or send a follow up email Measure: Learn: Look at how things went, to analyse how recipients Put in processes to avoid the same or similar things happening again responded to the error Now you have everything you need to be able to create an email campaign that won't fall, you Just have to make sure that your proof reading stage is fool proof! Good luck! Sources: CITIPOST MAIL Smart mail management

Email Marketing Tips

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This useful infographic from Citipost Mail provides some top tips and things to look out for if you want to succeed with your email marketing campaign. From sound advice to contigency plans for when m...


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