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Email Marketing: All That Sizzles Is Not Spam

Email Marketing Best Practices All That Sizzles Is Not SPAM The stats on Spam and Email Marketing and the best methods to make sure your message is successful. A Mile-High View 14.5 BILLION spam messages are sent out every day. 142 45% 2155 of all email globally is spam. The number of years it would take one person to read through just one day's worth of the world's spam at one (Some researchers estimate as high as 73%) message per second. Always get permission to send email. Make sure to verify with opt-in programs that ensure you're only sending email to people who have expressed and verified interest in communicating with you. TIP Smart Spending $1.5 BILLION $40.56 ROI was spent by U.S. companies on email marketing in 2012. on every dollar spent on email marketing in 2011. :) %24 Don't be afraid to spend on email. It's targeted, personalized, and, most importantly, it pays off. Unless you don't like earning forty bucks on the dollar. TIP Perceptions Legit SPAM Half of email users in North American and Western Europe have opened email they thought to be spam. The majority of reported spam comes from legitimate marketing sources. (46% claimed to do so intentionally) Remove all doubt. Be useful. Make the content of every email useful, relevant, and personal. Use subject lines that are clear and that treat your recipients with respect and honesty. TIP TIP 68% of email users have acted on a marketing offer received by email in the last month. Don't let the competition scare you. It works, and people enjoy getting email that informs, entertains, and delivers results. TIP Reading Habits 78% 63% 43% of people view marketing emails in the same inbox of email users employ a spam or junk filter on their computers. say marketing is over half of their incoming mail. as their personal email. TIP TIP TIP Always keep your context in mind. Beware the The competition for attention is fierce. People are reading your message right along with their personal notes. Stay personal, stay relevant. spam button. If people who aren't interested in receiving emails can't find an Use subject lines that are clear, attention-grabbing, and meaningful. easy and obvious way out, they'll just click the spam button. Highest click-through and open rates SUN MON TUE WED THR FRI SAT Use common sense, but also use your data. Don't just trust the conventional wisdom. Test your results religiously to make sure you're responding to 8-9am & 3-4pm your customers' habits. LeadPages m MarketingShow TM Sources: [PDF] [PDF] created by oBizMedia

Email Marketing: All That Sizzles Is Not Spam

shared by obizmedia on Mar 12
In this infographic, we’ll compare the attributes of spam and legitimate email marketing. We’ll illustrate how spam is an offensive intrusion, while the other is a welcome interaction (with high b...



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