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The Elusive Freelance Unicorn Designer

01 UNICORN DESIGNER • A SOUGHT-AFTER DESIGNER WITH ASSOoRTED & SPELLBINDING DESIGN CHOPS. DO Call His Name DON'T Overlook His Natural The first rule of capturing a Unicorn Designer's (UD's) attention is to address him Habits by name. Emails that start with "hello" look like blanket or spam email, which is Pay attention to his portfolio. If it has never appreciated and is a good way to drive your message straight into the work similar to what you're looking for, trash. If his name is uncommon you'll get bonus points for spelling it correctly! he'll likely be interested in your project. Don't tell him you've already picked all the colors and fonts and you just need someone to "put it together." It gives him the impression that you won't THE ELUSIVE value his opinion. FREELANCE UNICORN DESIGNER Six dos and don'ts to wrangle one for your project. DON'T Shoot Yourself in the Foot An initial email that's disorganized or rife with misspellings is viewed as an 3 unsavory taste of what's to come. Take the time to succinctly explain what you're looking for so the UD can provide a pointed response. Don't leave him guessing at the core details of what you need. Ain't nobody got time for that! DO Stick to the Trail Partnership projects or promises of 4 repeat work in exchange for a reduced rate, or even worse, for free (cringe), are red flags. Being "sold" with the promise of more off-form work isn't encouraging. Instead, start by assuming he's interested in paying projects and see how things progress. DON'T Hunt Upwind The fastest way to scare a Unicorn Designer away from your project is to lead by talking bad about a former designer. He understands that sometimes mistakes happen, but he knows that if you abruptly abandoned another designer when things got cloudy, there's nothing stopping you from treating him the same way. DO Track Other Species of Unicorn 6. Unicorn Designer's look for projects that have Pegasus Developers (PD's) on board. PD's are able to expertly implement a finished design. UD's need to know their hard work will eventually become reality with all the bells and whistles in tow! www.JONATHANPATTERSON.COM I UX/UI · BRANDING . ILLUSTRATION I @JON_PATTERSON I OJONATHAN PATTERSON 2014 UNICORNIS DESIGNERIS

The Elusive Freelance Unicorn Designer

shared by Jonathan Patterson on Apr 08
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Six dos and don'ts to wrangle the elusive freelance unicorn designer for your project.


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