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Effects of Packaging on Consumer Buying Behavior

Psychology-Based Tips for Packaging Design With thousands of products in competition on store shelves, eye-catchy packaging design is the only tool that can help you increase your sales. Your packaging design should speak, loud and KOROVA KOROVA clear, for your product when you can't be milk milk there to do it yourself. Here we've mentioned some psychology-based tips for eye-catchy packaging design. COLOR » Use eye catchy colors and shades to capture shopper's attention. » Choose colors that represents your product and brand. » Colors that create positivity and emotional association. STRUCTURE AND SHAPE » Choose shape and structure that stands out of the shelf. » Think beyond traditional shapes and make your own unique structure. » Soft curves are viewed as friendlier and more attractive than sharp, angular lines. TEXTURE AND TOUCH » People like to pick your package if they like its design and color. » Choose pleasant textures like smooth matte, silky high-gloss. » Select package textures that reflect the product inside. » Touch is a powerful force. Use it as your advantage. ΤΥPOGRΑΡ H » Select fonts that are easy to read & support the message you are trying to communicate. » Use simple & clean fonts as some fonts may create confusion to its readers. » Choose fonts for the meaning they convey, not just because they look cool. IMAGES » The most important element of a packaging is image. » Use image that triggers automatic feelings and inferences that spill over to the brand. » Use images that represents your product along with usage, benefits and importance. GlobePackaging f GlobePackaging GlobePackaging GlobePackaging

Effects of Packaging on Consumer Buying Behavior

shared by gplondon on Jul 22
Due to increasing self-service and changing consumers' lifestyle, the interest in package as a tool of sales promotion and simulator of impulsive buying behavior is growing increasingly. The objective...




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