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Effects of Packaging on consumer Buying Behavior

Packaging on Consumer Buying Behavior Effect of » Packaging should be a primary component of any strategic plan. » Packaging is a reflection of the quality of your goods and services, nothing else. » Poor packaging can dissuade consumers from buying product. According to Lifu (2003), shabbily packaged product affects consumer buying decision and it does not appeal consumers. Good and attractive product packaging influence consumers buying behavior by making them to buy product and always patronize product. 2-4950 QTY 200 76560 Packaging enables products to be easily identified and promotes brand at the point of purchase and even at use (Perreault and Mccarthy, 2005). Scot (2008) states that attractive packaging can attract customers to try product at first sight. The possibilities for packaging to influence consumer decisions are numerous. Concept Consumer Buying Behavior Consumer buying behavior is defined as the mental, emotional and physical activities that people engage when selecting, purchasing, using disposing of products and services in order to satisfy needs and desires (Schifinan & Kanuk, 2009). It includes purchasing and other consumption related activities of people engaging in exchange process (Michael, 2005). Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior Consumer buying intentions are influenced by economic, psychological, social and cultural factors. Economic Factor The key economic factors influence buyer behavior are income and expenditure patterns, prices of products and prices of complementary and substitute goods, and elasticity of demand. Psychological Factor Purchase behavior may be determined by a host of motives, some of which may be subconscious. A person buying motivation arises from the psychological needs. When a need reaches to a sufficient level of intensity, it becomes a motive. Psychological Factor Social conformity is strong in buying decisions. It is sometimes surprising how many things we own are also owned by people we associate with. An individual buying decision is not only affected by frequent decision with friends, but by observing their behavior in everyday life. A satisfied customer will surely recommend his choice of product/service to his / her friends. Culture exerts a broad influence on buying behavior, and determines the kind of products that may be used by the people. For example Muslims would not touch pork or alcohol. More importantly for marketing, culture and tradition, determine the openness of a people to new ideas and their willingness to try new products and services. Presentation of Packaging Effects on Consumer Behavior (As per a survey on 300 people) 21 (7) 34 (11.4) 5 (1.6) 1 Strongly Agree 95(31.7) Agree Attractive Packaging 1Undecided I Disagree 1 Strogly Disagree 145 (48.3) 37(12.34) 107(35.7) 1 Strongly Agree 47 (15.7) Agree Value and Quality of Packaging Undecided IDisagree 8 (2.6) IStrogly Disagree 101 (33.7) 23 (7.7) 34 (11.3) 3 (1) 97 (32.4) 1 Strongly Agree Agree Shabby Packaging IUndecided I Disagree 1Strogly Disagree 143 (47.6) 37(12.34) 107(35.7) 1Strongly Agree 47 (15.7) Agree Impulse Purchasing IUndecided I Disagree 8 (2.6) I Strogly Disagree 101 (33.7) Psychological Factor Attractive packaging, value and quality of packaging and impulse purchasing have positive relationship with consumer buying behavior. + + 50% COUPON SALE Shabby packaging do not have positive relationship with consumer buying behavior. Recommendation When designing product package for sell, attractiveness of the packaging and quality of the product must be taken into consideration to avoid the consequences associated with poor product packaging. To be able to be sustainable in present day competitive and computerized market, firms should be able to balance both packaging and quality to meet the level of cost they want as well as building customers confidence and loyalty. Packaging and quality of product as a matter of necessity should be included as a major policy decision in organization. References: GlobePackaging GlobePackaging GlobePackaging GlobePackaging

Effects of Packaging on consumer Buying Behavior

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Due to increasing self-service and changing consumers' lifestyle, the interest in package as a tool of sales promotion and simulator of impulsive buying behavior is growing increasingly. The objective...


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