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Effective Storytelling for B2B

CUT THROUGH B2B INFORMATION OVERLOAD with EFFECTIVE STORYTELLING Infographics, whitepapers, 24-hour news reports - everyone in B2B is overloaded with information. Here's how TELLING A STORY can cut through the noise and prioritize what you want your B2B audience to care about EVERYONE IS OVERLOADED HOW TO HELP YOUR CONTENT WITH INFORMATION RISE ABOVE THE NOISE Press releases that contain multimedia get. EVERYONE WANTS MULTIMEDIA 77% SHOW, DON'T TELL more responses compared to text-only releases Blog posts with videos are linked to IT'S CLASSIC STORYTELLING ADVICE AND TRUER THAN EVER IN THE AGE OF ЗХ: more than INFORMATION OVERLOAD text-only posts NO ONE READS 79% MAKE SURE YOUR MESSAGE DOESN'T GET SKIMMED scan the web rather than reading word by word YOUR STORY 100,500 FRAME IT AS A STORY WITH A STRONG TITLE AND INTERESTING HOOK TO GET YOUR AUDIENCE The number of digital words consumed each day by an average US citizen THE INFORMATION YOU WANT THEM TO HAVE Professionals spend.. EVERYONE IS BUSY 51% MANAGE INFORMATION FOR YOUR AUDIENCE of their time managing information instead of acting on it %06 DON'T RELY ON THEM TO PIECE YOUR STORY TOGETHER FOR THEMSELVES-TELL THEM THE of surveyed professionals admit to having thrown away important i without reading it STORY YOU WANT THEM TO HEAR DON'T LET YOUR BRAND GET LOST IN MARKETING OVERLOAD MARKETING The number of ads served up on the Internet in 2012 IS NOISY 5.3 TRILLION It's estimated that people see: MAKE IT MEMORABLE THE SAME WAY WRITERS MAKE THEIR CHARACTERS MEMORABLE-TELL 5,000 A STORY ABOUT WHO YOU ARE marketing messages per day THE INTERNET 700,000 IS FULL DON'T LET YOUR INFORMATION GET LOST IN DIFFERENT PLACES Google searches performed EVERY 60 SECS 60 hours of video uploaded to YouTube 168 million emails sent PACKAGE IT TOGETHER INTO A COHERENT NARRATIVE TO MAKE SURE IT'S HEARD " DON'T GIVE THEM 4, GIVE THEM 2+2" 00 - Pixar's Andrew Stanton, TED Talk on storytelling THE PROBLEMS OF INFORMATION OVERLOAD IN MAKING YOUR VOICE HEARD ARE MANY, BUT THEIR SOLUTION IS SIMPLE - YOUR STORY, TOLD BY YOU SOURCES: Measuring Consumer Information (international Journal of Communication), The BROUGHT TO YOU BY official YouTube Blog,, "Press Releases as Lead Generators" by PR Newswire, LexisNexis Workplace Productivity Study, "How Users Read on the Web" by Nielsen Norman 88LOOKBOOKHQ AND O Beutler Group, Stand Out Social Marketing by Mike Lewis, Ink

Effective Storytelling for B2B

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Business-to-business (B2B) describes commerce transactions between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer. Contrasting terms are business-t...




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