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Effective Interview

HOW TO CONDUCT AN EFFECTIVE INTERVIEW B. STRUCTURE YOUR INTERVIEWS INTERVIEW WITH A Be well organized PURPOSE Prepare a clear script Questions focused on competencies Rate candidate responses on a scale A. GET PROPER TRAINING C. ESTABLISH TONE Follow a process - Body language - List Listen actively ing Engage interviewees Communication skills Obtain better information GPT SYI FCW FOCUS ON A PROPER D. Set the stage Greet candidate warmly and firmly PREPARATION IS KEY A. Get to know who candidate is Spend at least 15-30 min preparing Describe the company and the job Learn the candidate's name, background and experience C. Prepare the environment Remove all distrac B. Gather additional insights Screening interviews - Assessments results Social networking sites Turn off phone - Find a quiet and private location A. COMMON INTERVIEWER ERRORS AVOID COMMON TRAPS SIMILARITY We like people who are similar to us FIRST IMPRESSION Initial impression affect entire interview HALO/PITCHFORK Very good or poor answers, affect the entire interview CONTRAST Tendency to compare candidates to each other: rather than rating scale CENTRAL TENDENCY Rating everyone in the middle of a scale 3 2 RATING -0- B: OTHER COMMON MISTAKES TO AVOID NOT TAKING NOTES RATING ON INFERENCES RATING BEFORE ALL INFO IS COLLECTED NOT USING ENTIRE RATING SCALE COMPARING CANDIDATES TO EACH OTHER A. BE AN ACTIVE LISTENER Relax Open posture Lean toward person Eye contact Acknowledge Paraphrase Clarify Confirming Primary empathy IMPROVE INTERVIEWER SKILLS B. ASK PROBING QUESTIONS D. MAINTAIN CONTROL -If a candidate rambles, acknowledge the candidate's comments, then direct the conversation back to the prepared questions %3D C. TAKE NOTES Communicates professionalism Helps you pay attention Organizes your thoughts Helps retain details Provides documentation FurstPerson. 16 5 4

Effective Interview

shared by mohitlakhmani on Nov 11
This infographic is made to show how to conduct an effective interview. There are three main things employer should remember before he conduct interview are a) Interview with a purpose b) Proper pr...


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