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Effective Colours For Direct Mail

EFFECTIVE COLOURS FOR DIRECU MAIL $6% of homeowners read Direct Mail People open Direct Mail 84.T2 of consumers cite colour as the primary reason they buy a certain product. TITITI Research has revealed that people make a sub-conscious judgment about a Direct Mail Piece with 90 SECONDS of initial viewing. Between GEZ and 90Z of that assessment is based on colour alone. BOZ look at visual think colour appearance. increases brand recognition. look at texture. BLUE 92% Believe color presents an image of impressive quality Blue is associated with tranquillity, trust and productivity - little wonder that it's a commonly used colour in business. Associated with peace. - Most preffered by men. - Creates a sense of security. #008985 Think color gives thema competitive edge R:0 G:137 B:181 WHITE White is the colour of purity and cleanliness. Also, given its absence of colour, it is ideal as negative space in design - a very now colour, and most likely the reason that we see it in art and design Drect Mail. #FFFFFF - A white flag is the universal symbol for truce. - Often represents a clean image R:255 G:255 B:255 GB 90 g0% Feel color can assist in attracting new customerS YELLOW Yellow is the most attention-grabbing colour of all, associated with liveliness and warmth. It can be difficult for the eye to take in, so it's used best in short doses. Security firms are the most regular users of the colour yellow for their Direct Mail Campaigns. 90% #D4F400 R:212 G:244 B:0 Believe customers cemember doçuments better when color is used Crecyde Green is the colour of nature, and is regularly used in association with the environment and, recycling. Also often associated with safety, growth and wealth. As such, there's a growing trend of using green in catalogue mailings to show environmental concern. GREEN # 4DBFI0 R:O G:244 B:0 S0% Believe color makes people appear more successful The word comes from the Old English brun, which wasn'ta colour but an indication of a dark shade. Brown is the colour of soil, wood, dead leaves, nuts, toast, chocolate, faeces, the Eiffel Tower and the United Parcel Service BROWN #150000 R-21 G:0 B:0 RED aris 16% Believe that the use of color makes their business appear larger to clients #FFO000 R:255 G:0 B:0 TruckCo Red is perhaps the most emotionally powerful colour, and one that the eye really notices. Typically denoting love and life (being the colour of blood), it can also offer a warning. Perhaps most often used in a call-to-action or logo. W: WWW.CENTRALMAILING.CO.UK central cms maiļing services T: 0500 170501 E: [email protected] CREATED BY: CENTRAL MAILING SERVICES FIND US ON:F inEPg+ You Tube

Effective Colours For Direct Mail

shared by RobSp on Oct 07
When you next look at a Direct Mail piece, why not stop for a second to look at the colour? Most of us are so immune to colour on a surface level that we don’t even realise how it affects our mood o...


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