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Effect of Ergonomics on Employee Productivity

EFFECT OF ERGONOMICS ON EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY Ergonomics = Efficiency + Comfort = Increased Productivity %3D What is ERGOnomics? Ergonomics is a means of providing an enabling environment that best facilitates employees' performance and general productivity. Research An insurance company witnessed more than $620,000 in improved productivity with ergonomic furnishings investment of $500,000. Within 2 months of moving into a new building with an open office concept showed 60% employees believed that productivity had improved and 80% had a higher level of customer focus. 90% of the 200 decision-makers said better office design can improve productivity. Common Ergonomics Issues Faced by Employees · Wrong heights for table and chair • Banging the knees on the keyboard tray •Cramped Space •No back support •No elbow support •Elbows on hard arm rests or desk surface Cradling the phone while using the computer Ergonomics Solution Keyboard Lies flat Chair • Backrest tilts backward and forward • Low profile (30 mm) Input Device • Long cord for proper placement, or wireless Keytop area at least 0.5 square inches • Key displacement between .05" and .25" Backrest tension control • Lumbar support • Comfortable fit for hand •Adjustable armrests (height and lateral movement) •Workable surface area • Height adjustability of work surface •Moves easily Monitor Adjustable brightness and contrast • Adjustable tilt • Anti-glare coating/filter Appropriate size for tasks performed REAL CASE STUDIES • A Company • Solution • Outcome APPLIED MATERIALS Researched and selected a better torque handdriver tool 50% increase in product output APPLIED MATERIALS 400% increase in productivity, in terms of man hours. Properly designed and tested casters for manually moving 7,000 lb. clean room manufacturing equipment FAST FOOD PROVIDER Redesign of Workstation A 20% increase in productivity TELECOMMUNICATIONS PLANT Ergonomic redesign of four workstations Increased production, reduced data entry error rates and improved job satisfaction STEEL COMPANY Ergonomic redesign of an observation pit Saved over $150, 000 in one year through reduce waste and higher productivity TOY MANUFACTURING PLANT Product Design Change A savings of $O.11 per part. Presented By Prepared By ISA Media Mosaic Differentate yourseif consultancy services Sources

Effect of Ergonomics on Employee Productivity

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This Infographic  presents the information about what ergonomics is all about and why is it important for organizations to understand its impact on employee productivity. We have tried to get this id...


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