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eCommerce Implementation

OEX DIVANTE OUTSOURCING EXPERTS INFOGRAPHIC E-COMMERCE IMPLEMENTATION DIVANTE & IDEACTO 21,9 The ROPO effect (research anline, purchase offline) describes a shopping behavior which includes preliminary online research about a product prior to its purchase in a traditional store. ROPO 15,7* 12,6 9,1% The Internet directly influences purchase decision New sales channel Setting the business goal (online or offline purchase as the crucial 2.5% 3.8 GOALS information sourcel. Medicines and medial articles Cosmetics and beauty products Competition analysis and benchmarks Toys Attracting How to perform an introductory competition analysis? Car parts new Home equipment Sports equipment Clothes and shoes customers Quantity tests Accessories (e.g. jewelry) o More on: o Google AdPlanner o Reports from comparison engines o • Google Trends o Google Alerts Customer Individual needs Interviews analysis Main e-commerce strategies: TESTS Success indicators Social media analysis Creating the Innovator Quick imitator Market A new company starts off as a fully online business. An already existing company starts a new online company. analysis conception Information architecture in Feasibility e-commerce test o How to divide the products into categories? o How to name the categories? o You can use the card sorting test Alliance Brand expansion STRATEGY Information architecture A new company emerges from two existing companies: online and traditional. An existing company starts selling in the online channel. Strategic workshops Functions How to create interactive prototypes? What should be taken into Multichannel sales strategy SWOT account when designing a user path in an e-store? o Axure RP O Balsamig o UXPin Lo MS Visio When REI (Recreation Equipment Inc.) launched its e-commerce channel, their offline customers started to generate more income. Those who were buying in both channels generated 114% more income from each purchase. When the third channel was launched multimedia kiosks in stores - the customers buying in all three channels began to increase income even more (48% bigger than by those buying in two channels). analysis • Users do not read descriptions in the cart. o Showing related products in the cart is usually mildly attractive for the users. Displaying related products in the cart when a user buys lower-price products causes conversion decrease. o Coupons increase conversion because of their obvious financial ore Interactive prototypes INTERACTIONS How to perform user tests? DESIGNING We observe how a real user performs pre-set tasks using an interactive wireframe or a ready system. They can User tests even double conversion fr Timetable expensive products. Look&feel Implementation documentation 1. Prepare the tasks. o The number of steps does not considerably Graphic designing 2. Prepare questionnaires to be filled in by the users before and after the test. Influence conversion. The most important factors are the fluid process of purchase and optimizing the form but not necessarily the number of steps. 3. Find the users. Graphic designer, based on interactive wireframes and previously gathered information, prepares home page screen. Once the home page is accepted, the graphic designer continues to create key subpages. At this stage, Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular programs to be used. o In the case of low-price shopping, the conversion increased by 2% when the users were not "distracted" and forced to create 4. Perform the test - encourage the users to say what they think while performing the tasks. Technical GRAPHIC an account or to log in. Designing key subpages analysis and integration plan 5. Discuss the notes from the test and prepare conclusions. DESIGNING Source: survey performed by Divanteltd. Warehouse Finance and What systems should the integration accounting Warehouse o Finance and accounting INTEGRATIONS O Newsletter o Recommendations system o External search engine o Delivery system o Electronic payment system o Part payment system O SMS system Payments The advantages of open-source o Possibility to adapt the software to satisfy specinc business needs o Independence from one implementation company o See: Magento, Prestashop Setting the parameters and development Preparing HTML versio of the graphic designs Analyzing the needs and choosing the platform Logistics The advantages of Saas solutions (hosted solutions) o Reliability o Low cost of implementation and maintenance o See: Shopify SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Planning the Security IMPLEMENTATION Scenarios and user path test tests \architecture After implementation, based on the project of an application, a list of test scenarios is created. They will include all functional paths of the application compatible with the Recovery User tests tests agreement. Recovery testing In test environment, recovery of the application from its backup copy (trom zero) is tested to make sure all the work fine. Integration tests pracedures Checklist before launching O The domain has been chosen and paid for TESTS Efficiency tests The application is tested to see if it deals O Terms of use have been prepared and consulted with a lawyer Scenarios and user with the desired number of simultaneous users via automatic tools such as Apache Benchmark and jMeter. Efficiency SLA - check the conditions O Contact information has been filled in tests paths tests O Product descriptions and photos have been entered SLA (Service Level Agreement) conveys in a detailed way the parameters of the services that both parties have agreed on. Installation on the server Launching Acceptance O The store's mechanisms have been thoroughly tested tests O Accessibility of the system and the equipment 2 O Monitoring, reporting and escalations O Issue tracking system Development conditions and SLA LAUNCHING O Technical assistance O Reaction time Marketing strategy O Repair and bypass time O Copy restore time What marketing tools shall be used? O Bandwidths and transfer limits New client For the beginners SEO, SEM, online auctions For the middle-stagers Loyalty SEO, partnerships, online auctions, comparison engines, shopping malls For the experienced stores 1. The income increase is late considering the marketing budget. 2. Together with aggressive marketing campaign, the customer acquisition cost increases. 3. The "dip" - it is the moment when most of your rivals give up. 4. The more optimized the campaign gets, the lower the customer acquisition cost becomes. 5. Building customer base. MARKETING, Traditional media, partnerships Success Indicators measuremenț Source: What works in the Polish e-commerce? Report from the testing the online stores, A Income HOl according to GA Lang Tail Statistics analysis OPTIMIZATION A/B tests and experiments The entry barrier It separates your business from your rivals. After crossing this barrier, your business is safe to freely develop. A Little Book of A/B tests and experiments Success Worth reading: You can test various elements of a service via simple experiments. One of the tools available is Visual Website O The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick) by Seth Godin OEX o Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Sees what Read our presentations at High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers by Geoffrey A. Moore and use our experience in your e-business. we have achieved E-COMMERCE IMPLEMENTATION More at DIVANTE & IDEACTO

eCommerce Implementation

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We created infographic about complex ecommerce implementation. This is process that we are using in our projects. Ofcourse we are open for Your opinions.


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