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E-Commerce: Facts about Conversion Rates

What Works & What Doesn't Facts about CONVERSION RATES Sales messaging affects conversion rates on e-commerce sites, however what works and what doesn't? Do button colors extremely impact sales? What are you able to change concerning your sales messaging to achieve a lot of customers and increase profits? THE SALES MESSAGING proves a case study to find out which headlines were the most effective. The result: n/a CityCliq "Businesses grow faster online! (original) "Create a webpage for your business" -20 20 40 60 80 100 "Get Found Faster!" "Online advertising that works!" 95% offer easy-to-create webpages for businesses that get ranked high on all major search engines, map and mobile phone searches. And chose a pure and direct representation of their product, earning them a 95% increase in conversion rate. 30-day Free Trai on All Accounts Sign-up takes less than 60 seconds. 30-day Free Trail on All Accounts No hidden fees. Start a Highise Account Today: Pay as you go. No surprises No Surprises 30-day Free Trail on All Accounts "Beautiful & elegant" Our Customers 30% 0% INCREASE In CR 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 37Signals Making collaboration productive and enjoyable for people every day. Frustration-free web-based apps for collaboration, sharing information, and making decisions. They used Google's Website Optimizer 37signals . tool to rotate sales messaging on the home page of their website. The winning message was clean and to the point while playing on their user's sense of time: concrete emotional CONVERSION RATES SOocial Soocial syncs all your contacts to your phones, emails and computers. Flip any device on and start working with them right away. Conversion rate increased by 5.2% just by adding "It's Free" How well does it really work? Firefox Firefox free, non-profit browser for desktop and mobile. Using the word "free" Firefox conversion rate increased from 10.21% to 13.07% Out of 111 top online retailers 15% use red button PED VS. GREEN Winner 6 STEPS TO A HIGH CONVERTING ORDER BUTTON Good button 1. Make the headline big and blod. size is 225px by 45px 2. Add a dashed red border to draw the eye in. 3. Add a price drop (65% off works well). 4. An orange button with navy text has been proven. 5. Add a hyperlink below the button. Arrow to the call to action 6. Credit card symbols establish trust and on a button can increase CR by more than 20% make the order button. DO TRUST Optimeria focusing on web analasys, intelligent testing and optimizing websites. 32% increase in BADGES conversions by addind a trust badge to the home WORK? page of their website. Sources: Dynamic Search O Firefox Online Marketing Solutions Follow @webds on twitterY Soocial 37signals . CityCliq SALES MESSAGING TRY FIREFOX 3 DOWNLOAD NOWw - It's free SIGN-UP 21% SIGN-UP: IT'S FREE. Conversion rate Increase

E-Commerce: Facts about Conversion Rates

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What are you ablt to change concerning your sales messaging to achieve a lot of customer and increase profits?


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