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The Dysfunctionally Connected Workplace

THE Dysfunctionaly Connected WORKPLACE In 2013, Pew Research Center revealed that more than 30 75% OF PEOPLE UNDER years old OWN A SMARTPHONE AND ... 61% . Working People of ALL I'm so smart OWN A SMARTPHONE The ability to connect has never been easier, but are we really connecting? Research by The Ken Blanchard Companies shows that fail MOST Workplaces are FAILING to provide this Connection AND ... People in the workplace FEEL unconnected with each other Despite the EASE of 24/7 connectivity, most WORKPLACES are SADLY Disconnected Human level on a on my own... Where it matters most. The typical workplace is dysfunctionally Connected REGRETTABLY ... 812 O82, 82% |% & say their say their LEADERS Don't listen LEADERS Don't provide appropriate Feedback AND ONLY .. 34% Meet with their BOSS ONCE per week 2013 S.. 28% Rarely or Never Discuss future goals and tasks with their BOSS 70% WISH THEY DID 36% Rarely or NEVER receive Performance Feedback 67% WISH THEY DID 64% 8% but only 8% 64% of employees wish they could talk to their boss about problems with colleagues.. actually do. 64% 19% 19% report that they rarely or 64% of employees want to use MEETING TIME with their boss to solve problems. never do. People who feel Connected good about their jobs to their colleagues and LEADER are more likely to feel THEREFORE HUMAN Connection Matters People who feel connected to their leaders are more likely to Remain with their organizations and act in ways that SUPPORT the organization. SOURCES The Pew Research Center Internet & American Life Project, June 2013 Blanchard Sponsored Employee Work Passion Survey 2013 © 2013 The Ken Blanchard Companies KenBlanchard COMPANIES

The Dysfunctionally Connected Workplace

shared by kevynhorton on Sep 12
The workplace is dysfunctionally connected, but human connection can make a difference.


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