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Drive Action with VoC Results

How to DRIVE ACTION ou to Get Results B2B with Voice of Customer Feedback S PRINCIPLES FOR { } **** CX BEST PRACTICES Amplify The Customer Voice Across All Segments (1:Many) and Individually (1:1) Which Came First? Promise from department heads to act on customer insights 1:MANY 1:1 Dont fall in the common trap of only viewing feedback from one or the other. B2B companies need both sides for effective action plans. Account managers recruiting the right accounts for feedback Be sure your accounts are accurately represented for trustworthy feedback, unlike this client mismatch example Is 80% of your revenue coming from 20% of your accounts? 25% %of all Install Base $$ %of Sample 20% %of Response Product 3 15% Product 4 80: 20 Rule Product 5 10% Product 1 Product 2 5% Understand how your accounts stack up in your portfolio. Use a census (vs. sample) approach so Product 4 is the biggest portion of the portfolio yet is not properly represented. Product 3's voice is heard, but only represents a small portion of customers. each critical voice is heard! { TAKE ACTION } **** ***** ****** 232 Demonstrate the benefits of customer success #7 to account managers (1:1) 67% Enhanced Customer Relationships: 70% Meet New Prospects: Effectively Recruit 29% from all accounts New Sales Opportunities: Real Saas client results post Voice of Customer implementation and 1:1 follow-up (1:Many) so that every account has their input. #3 #4 Prioritize which solutions 5 Why's 1. Why are you unhappy with our service? will “move the needle" Drill down to the root by linking Voice of Customer 2. Why did you call Support? 3. Why... cause of customer issues. insights with financials (1:Many) Ask penetrating 4. Why... questions to find out 5. Why.. Why your customer is unhappy/happy (1:1) 235 Create an action plan that will not only focus on account level (1:1) initiatives, but also across all segments (1:Many). #6 Activate an Army of Advocates. You have customers who love you (Promoters) and refer you to friends/colleagues! Seize the opportunity to identify who they are and engage with them to be a powerful tool. On the flip side, you'll now know which customers need nurturing and are at-risk of leaving you (Detractors). Prove your value by communicating how their input is actively being used to fuel their future success. (1:1 AND 1:Many)

Drive Action with VoC Results

shared by snbozek on Mar 07
We know most B2B companies have a difficult time taking action on their customer feedback. Here are some tips and best practices to make sure you are moving forward with customer success.


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