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The Do's and Don'ts of Email Deliverability

The Do's And Dont's of EMAIL DELIVERABILITY WHAT IS EMAIL DELIVERABILITY? The ability to get an email into the intended recipient's inbox. After all, People can't respond to your campaigns if they never receive your emails. Optimising your email to reach your audience. EMAIL LIST Don't Lump everyone into one big list if you can help it. Do segment your audience into different lists. O Do keep your email list clean by updating bad addresses, deleting opt-outs and * Don't Buy Third party lists, or use contacts list where the contacts didn't opt-in. removing bounces. SUBJECT LINES Do Keep your subject lines Strong, consistent and simple. * Don't use all CAPS and a lots of punctuation. Don't use spammy words like free, cash, Do include your name and relate it to content. bonus, etc. Do entice your Don't use startling words like urgent, audience with excitement, wit & mystery. emergency or last chance. EMAIL TEMPLATES * Don't use distracting background( Takes attention away from content) Do include your visual brand (logo, color scheme & graphics). Do break up email into clearly Don't make template too wide (Readers defined sections. hate the horizontal scroll bar) CONTENT * Don't send email full of requests and don't be demanding. Do send content that your audience is anticipating. Do make your content engaging & interesting. Don't put your entire blog post. Keep it short with an image & a link to the whole thing. Do give readers a chance to explore other channels & respond to calls-to-action. GRAPHICS & IMAGES Do keep them * Don't use GIFS that visually appealing. flash or move. Do describe the Don't use really picture in ALT tag. intense images. It will distract readers from the content provided. IP ADDRESS Do use a dedicated * Don't use shared IP IP address and address. unique domain alias. Do use a pool of dedicated IP addresses if you are sending more than 100,000 email messages. SOME INTERESTING STATS: • 80% of email delivery problems are directly attributable to a poor sender reputation. • 42% of emails are opened in mobile devices. • 80% of subscribers will delete an email if it is not optimized for mobile devices. • Over 90% of emails sent is classified as Spam. DQ P DIGITAL QUEEN 8+

The Do's and Don'ts of Email Deliverability

shared by digitalqueen on Aug 15
This infographic from Digital Queen focuses on the Do's and Don'ts of Email Deliverability that a marketer should keep in mind while designing for their next email marketing campaign.


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