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The Do's and Dont for Giving A Successful Job Interview

Anatomy of a Job Interview The essential parts & pieces to impressing your future employer. Know the Employer • sach ha oonpony thogdy • Crow thnk maket, podct ond goo. • Menco efid lacs • LAdond how tley soo lanuls. Your Resume • Iypo you resame raver handwio it • Check to mako se yor elngand SPangr ae leo of cnces Tuilor yo tesue o the teedhol de oegonixasos to wtich you ore appling • Koep conciso nd to fo poit, s seneme, tot a biogople The Job Description tu job descipion is cvoloble fo he positan ve pem intonimeing ke, fiisk ebout low yo experience ond skls twith eoch Ine Consiker esmpies ened evirdonco o suppod your obiity to cecel ot dis job. Practice Perfection • Cotskar fe most ofen hod ieriow qestions, Be prepaedo answe ilom Give concise, oomplete orowes. Mainkin cye cotad, • Don't speak oo slow or too koet. Think obot how you wil aret qstes ebot solary epectaties Look Sharp, Be Sharp • Sut spl -A paofeional opponatoo is very inpote. • Avoid cing pestume, sher huve, or scented on. Oolr scns dt bon wilt yon Before you Walk • hrepore 3 hongle pecvokng questioes • Nh aiions fra loc itese in tho compeny's frre. • Ask, oions toe pecjod ensolosm • bew to ay IDo vetrember your doodierart. Coto bed euly do niga bokeo te kd Shoning o groggy leavos a bark inprossion • Junira loas 1520 ninate bekee yo schedilod inteview tme Aucid akieganything thet coeld be wd wth a sinple insnetsogch. Do's & Don'ts of the Job Interview Don't over explain why you lost your last job. Do smile. Do set yoursolf apart. Don't fidget. Do remember to ask for the job. X Don't try to be all things to all people. Do Be Confident Setyou ind owty ou o fie becondido e job You bk llbe eke and you wl pas fatsenkoe onK yoe iner Can you tell me about yourself? Common Questions Ihe ost chen okedqutios in y jodi knka Ole a sunmary d your pasnaiy hila coparerco, and work hiskry Do not mticn your kriting hokiy a your per iguano Why do you want to work here? Do not onswer wih: Becnuse I rooly nood o b ond yoo wore Hing. Uslan wher vou krow obot the conpany, ce meke a coroecson bewoos he job doscrption and your obltes, Why should we hire you? The averoge inrdow s prooimaly 40 minutes Ths k co ol he most impotkant qedcrs hal you wil be rkoxd. and you rood to make sure fhat yos tove o very good orower. Why did you leave your last job? Where do you see yourself in five years? This k oduoly more ol a es hon o quesfon. The incrvioer wards to eo wior puhes your b Ihsvod of teling the inerviower iho you would lhe o be on o beodh in Ro, ty lli vikomotin abost yout prolessional gods. 65%. ...and some not so common d bosses so fot dess cod be te deodng lockr betaen Mo sinior condidokis of Sorre interviewers ko so mokn fins erestng. What was your best McGuyver moment? - ScAlunbee Aurkor Fl Enpi If you were a brick in a wall which brick would you be and why? Nede LSA ocemen en How would you move Mount Fuji? - Mioosok Sahwave Nivolonen Enginor in Ke If I put you in a sealed room with a phone that had no dial tone, how would you fix it? - Apple Sohvave Engher How many lightbulbs are in this building? Moniv Gop Fnry ow Grouo fnyw First impressions: It takes about 90 seconds for your interviewer to make an overall assessment of you.

The Do's and Dont for Giving A Successful Job Interview

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This info-graphics will help college students get to know the best tips to give a successful interview and to start a prospective career ahead.


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