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The Dollars and Sense of Employee Engagement

The DOLLARS & Sense OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT What's the difference between a happy employee and an engaged one? Not only are there differences in attitude & performance, but there are definite differences in their value to your company! Thankfully, the engagement of most employees can be improved when a company takes initiative. Discover how an engaged employee is happier and makes their company happier, too. EMPLOYEE EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION versys ENGAGEMENT Employee is happy with the company, his/her particular job, coworkers, etc. Employee contribution to the betterment of the company. (Typically accompanied by satisfaction.) 4/5 EMPLOYEES DO NOT REACH THEIR FULL POTENTIAL 4/10 ARE DISENGAGED EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT AROUND THE WORLD 14% -29% 3% 16% 37% 10 BIGGEST MOTIVATIONS TOWARD EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Let's make Great! things easier. MANAGEMEN NEW SOFTWARE TUTORIAL COMPLETE! Senior management directs genuine attention to employee welfare Employee improvement in skills has been achieved 12 Great idea, Bob! Company is sincerely invested in social responsibility Employees are allowed input within their departments GOALS 12 Customer concerns are a time-sensitive priority for company Personal standards are high 金錢 PROMOTED! NEW TITLE MORE $$$ Employee has ability to grow and advance in the company Employee has flair for skill-enhancing, difficult work Thanks for all your help today. Employee/supervisor relationship is healthy and mutually agreeable Forward thinking is appreciated at company FULLY ENGAGED EMPLOYEE MODERATELY ENGAGED DISENGAGED EMPLOYEE Consistently utilizing talents Meeting performance goals May not know what is expected of them Always high- performing May not feel they have the Satisfied w/ position in company resources to Networker - do their work makes connections effectively Committed to Equal cost/ benefit scale Not tied to the company company/coworkers Good attitude/ energy Costing their company $3,400 for every $10,000 paid salary New ideas/ techniques I24 Profitable for 124 company How Much Positive Influence DO EMPLOYEES FEEL THEY HAVE IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS? PERCENT OF EMPLOYEES WHO FEEL THEY HAVE A POSITIVE IMPACT 1= Disengaged = Moderately Engaged I= Fully Engaged COMPANY QUALITY COMPANY COST CUSTOMER SERVICE 100 100 100 r 84% 72% 80 62% 66% 60 - 50% 60 42% 31% 40 27% 19% FULLY ENGAGED I ENGAGED I SOMEWHAT DISENGAGED I FULLY DISENGAGED WHAT IS DISENGAGEMENT COSTING YOUR COMPANY? ANNUAL FINANCIAL IMPACT PER EMPLOYEE 120% * BASED ON AVERAGE SALARY 80K 100% $16K TYPICAL DISTRIBUTION OF ENGAGED EMPLOYEES 80% %24 %24 $16K 9% 60% 2$ 2$ %2$ 12% $ 24 40% $32K 24 39% ANNUAL COMPANYWIDE IMPACT Based on a 500 $1.44 person company $960K $3.12 PRODUCTIVITY BY THE FINANCIAL COST AND VALUE OF AN ENGAGED EMPLOYEE ARE ENGAGEMENT LEVELS EQUAL - NET ZERO But 76% of employees are subject to engagement improvements with intervention! After Working to Increase ENGAGEMENT AMONG EMPLOYEES... WITH Let me show you. MANAGER TRAINING SESSION 1 MANAGER TRAINING DEVELOPMENT PLANNING COACHING GOALS PROMOTEDI 1$ NEW TITLE MORE SSS SUCCESSION PLANNING PAY FOR PERFORMANCE GOAL ALIGNMENT FULLY ENGAGED I ENGAGED I SOMEWHAT DISENGAGED I FULLY DISENGAGED WHAT IMPROVING ENGAGEMENT CAN SAVE YOUR COMPANY ANNUAL FINANCIAL IMPACT PER EMPLOYEE BASED ON AVERAGE SALARY 80K 120% TYPICAL DISTRIBUTION OF 100% $16K 24 ENGAGED EMPLOYEES 80% 2$ 24 %24 2$ %2$ $16K 6% 60% 24 2$ 24 24 %24 %24 2$ 24 24% $32K 55% ANNUAL COMPANYWIDE IMPACT 19% Based on a 500 person company $960 $1.92M $1.26 PRODUCTIVITY BY THE FINANCIAL COST AND VALUE ENGAGEMENT LEVELS OF AN ENGAGED EMPLOYEE ARE EQUAL - NET ZERO WHICH MEANS AN IMPROVEMENT OF $3M IN EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY HALOGEN' Strategic Talent Management Be Brilliant. SOFTWARE

The Dollars and Sense of Employee Engagement

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To help you make a business case for investing in employee engagement initiatives, we’ve pulled together statistics and best practices that demonstrate the high value of an engaged workforce.


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