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Document Management: How does it stack up?

recall TM More Than 100 Million Cartons Globally Your Information. Securely Managed. recall" 3,000 x 100 MILLION 10.5" high cartons stacked on top of one another equal 84,375,000 ft high. 31,000 x RFID 35,000 x 100 Million Cartons: How Do They Stack Up? RO00428941 46,000 x 50,000 x 55,000 x 60,000 x 79,000x How many times would you have to stack the world's most recognizable landmarks to reach the height of 100 million cartons? 382,000 x Sydney Opera House Sydney (221 tt) Eiffel Empire Tower Paris (1,063 Oriental Taipel 101 CN Tower Taipel (1,571 1 (1,815 ) Christ the Redeemer Rio de Janeiro (2430 0 Burj Khalita Dubai (2,716 ) State Pearl Toranto Mount Everest Building NYC (1,454 (29,029 ft) Tower Shanghai (1,535 t) Secure Chain of Custody Around the World Innovative Leadership- Recall RFID Audits Since 2007, when Recall first introduced RFID to the document management industry, more than 20% of Recall's 100 million cartons utilize the technology globally. Secure Chain of Custody Recall can scan and audit more than 300 cartons in less than 30 seconds, while competitors without RFID, using error-prone, manual techniques, take well over 30 minutes to scan the same number of cartons. That's a 60-fold difference in time and cost. rocalf recall HQ recall Earth's equator is almost 25,000 miles in circumference Recall's 100 million plus cartons are stored in more than 300 dedicated information centers, spanning five continents, in more than 20 countries. 35 0 50 10 RF, 45 15 100% of Recall's information centers are operated by Recall – no third parties- meaning each and every carton is managed with Recall's best-in-class security and state-of-the-art technology. M Fast M Accurate V Innovative RFID Audit Report 40 RUBU42 20 25 35 30 Recall's 100 million cartons could stretch around the globe from Atlanta to Atlanta and continue for nearly another 5,000 miles.

Document Management: How does it stack up?

shared by Recall on Jun 25
Recall document management and document destruction specialists manage 100 million cartons of information. But what does that really mean? Take a look at what 100 million cartons of information looks ...




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