Do Your Customers need a Responsive Website?

Do your customers need a responsive website? What is responsive? Responsive website design, also known as RWD: the darling of web developers and search engines, a hot topic for SEO strategists, marketing mavens, content writers and creatives. Amid everyone's enthusiasm to embrace innovation, is there a danger that your customers' needs will be overlooked? RWD: A fluid, grid-based design that auto-adjusts its appearance for all devices Tam: Your target audience will be on the move, browsing the internet on their smartphone or tablet – some for fun, others because their minds are already on work. If your website gets a lot of traffic at around this time, you need RWD. Fact: In January 2014 Ofcom announced that commuters would soon be able to get 'super-fast' broadband internet access on public transport. 9am: Potential customers will most likely be viewing your website from a desktop computer or laptop. Check what your analytics say: if your target demographic is B2B, they might be looking at your site on a larger screen at this time. Fact: UK online shoppers are predicted to spend £107bn in 2014, according to e-tail organisation IMRG, which also reports that desktop shopping has 'flatlined'. 12 12pm: Smartphones go everywhere with us, don't they? Even at break time and lunch. Do the decision-makers you need to target get time to browse your site on a mobile or tablet? Does your sales team use it as a tool during meetings? Fact: 75% of Brits will own a smartphone and 50% will own a tablet by the end of 2014, the chief executive of the Internet Advertising Bureau predicted at the last IAB Engage conference. 6pm: Your target audience has the opportunity to enjoy your site on the commute home. They might also use a mobile device to browse while cooking, to help the kids with homework, and to order items they know they need. Fact: Debt management company Baines & Ernst revealed that mobile conversions grew by 51% after its responsive site went live. 9pm: Second-screen is using a smartphone or other computer device while watching TV or even in bed. A lot of it goes on and mainly on mobile devices, for looking up TV programmes or films, brand (advert) engagement and social media. 9. Fact: In 2013 Econsultancy admitted that it hadn't invested in RWD: "I reckon we might be missing out on six figures worth of annual revenue, and as such we're busy working away behind the scenes on .. a fully responsive website" Do you needa responsive website? Increased: 1↑ 1. Traffic 2. Enquiries 3. Sales All things considered, RWD is a much better investment. Sources: • BBC: 'Faster Internet on tralns, boats and planes on horlzon' 21 January 2014) • IMRG: 'Tipplng polnt reached In e-Retall, as moble now accounts for all online growth' 24 September 2013) • Google: 'Baines & Ernst launches new site using responsive web design, moblle converslons leap 51%' (August 2013) • Marketing Magazine: IAB Engage- smartphone penetration to reach 75% In 2014 (17 October 2013) • Econsultancy: "14 brands that Increased conversion rates via responsive design' (6 August 2013) • Creative Design Agency: 'How browsing habits Influence the responsive cholce' (10 February 2014) every1

Do Your Customers need a Responsive Website?

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An animated infographic, showing how, when and on what device people view your website.






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