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Do You Lead or Micromanage? 6 Symptoms of a Micromanager

Do You Lead or Micromanage? 6 Symptoms of a Micromanager Employees easily recognize micromanagement, but managers rarely view themselves as such. Here are 6 common symptoms to give a clue whether you might exercise micromanager behaviors. # Avoids delegation Believes no one could do a better job. 48% Companies concerned about employees' delegation skill 28% Offered any relevant training Cure: ASSIGN ONE FULL TASK TO THE EMPLOYEE YOU TRUST THE MOST. # Control-obsessed Keeps sending emails to check employees progress MICROMANAGEMENT IS ONE OF THE MOST SIGNIFICANT BARRIERS US WORKERS FACE IN COMPLETTNG MOST (MPORTANT TASKS. Cure: USE THE PPP PROCESS TO BE AWARE CF THE PROGRESS WITHOUT BEING ANNOYING. LEARN MORE: HTTP://WEEKDONE.COM/RESOURCES/PLANS-PROGRESS-PROBLEMS # Dictate everything Gives exact directions how to complete a task. 55% ADMITS MICROMANAGING DECREASES PRODUCTVITY 68% SAYS IT DECREASES MORALE Cure: REFLECT ON YOUR BEHAVIOR, TAKE THE LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT TEST IN HTTP://LEADSMARTER.CO. # Suffers from reportomania Requests unnecessary and overly detailed reports. 38% OF EMPLOYEES WOULD RATHER DO UNPLEASANT ACTIVITTES THAN SIT NEXT TO THEIR MICROMANAGING BOS. Cure: USE A PROGRESS REPORTING SYSTEM THAT EMPOWERS EMPLOYEES. TRY HTTP://WEEKDONE.COM. # Detail-orientedness Corrects tiny details before seeing the big picture. 9 OUT OF 10 MANAGERS ADMIT DECISIONS MADE IN THE PAST THREE YEARS WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER IF THEYD LET IN MORE INFORMATTON. Cure: MISTAKES HAPPEN, BAD DECISIONS ARE MADE, KEEP YOUR FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE. # Discourages independent decision-making Feels irritated when an employee makes a decision without consulting, 38% of employees surveyed felt managers don't help them perform at their best. Cure: GIVE YOUR EMPLOYEES A BIT OF AUTONOMY AND PROVIDE GUIDANCE. - hassle-free progress reporting and team management tool loved by employees and leaders. Use Weekdone to get insights to your team. Sources: 1 Mind-Tools (http//www.mindtools com/pages/article/newTMM_90 htm) - the symptoms of a micromanaging boss 2. Wikipedia - micromanagement (http //en wikipedia org/wiki/Micromanagement) 3 Harry Chambers; "My Way or the Highway: The Micromanagement Survival Guide" 4. FranklinCovey Survey, 2003 (http//phx.corporate-irnet/phoenix zhtml?c=102601&p=irol-newsArticle_print&ID=390867&highlight=) 5. Institute for Corporate Productivity, Time Management Practitioner Consensus Survey, 2007 (http // 6. Accountemps Survey, Micromanaging in the workplace, 2014 (http // 7. Katherine M. Wilson; Trinity Solutions, Inc via The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Deciding Factor: Big Data & Decision Making 8. (http// 9. Australian Institute of Management Victoria & Tasmania (AIM VT), Employee Engagement Survey 2013, (http // pdf)

Do You Lead or Micromanage? 6 Symptoms of a Micromanager

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