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Display Advertising Trends 2019

Bannerflow DISPLAY ADVERTISING TRENDS How changing consumer behaviour is impacting European display advertising' 2019 Video Video banners get more clicks than any other banner type A 18.4% THREE EUROPEAN INDUSTRIES ARE LEADING THE WAY WHEN IT INCREASE IN CLICK-THROUGH RATE COMES TO IN-BANNER VIDEO: (CTR) WHEN VIDEO IS USED WITHIN A DISPLAY AD. 1 3 GG Travel & Telecom iGaming Hotel Streaming consumption is growing, and programmatic TV advertising is set to become a new standard within the industry. Yet another contributing factor to the already strong growth of in-banner video. 27.2% 7.2% 6.4% Antonia Lindmark Head of Insights at Bannerflow Industry impression share of video banners - 2018 KEY LEARNING Add video Video advertising can be expensive to deliver across traditional media. Yet in-banner video is to boost CTR a cost-effective way to target consumers. Dynamjc creative Dynamic ad usage is still in its infancy ONLY 17.3% ONLY A HANDFUL OF INDUSTRIES REGULARLY RUN PERSONALISED, OF ALL DISPLAY ADVERTISING SERVED IN 2018 OR DATA-DRIVEN AD CAMPAIGNS. USED DYNAMIC DATA FEEDS. Meaning 82.7% of ads could benefit from live rates, odds, and product feeds, etc. 1 2 3 Travel & iGaming Retail GG Hotel "Dynamic content increases ad relevancy. particularly, for those industries affected by external factors. Like the weather, the stock market, and key shopping days" 28.8% 16% 6.3% Björn Karlström Product Owner at Bannerflow Industry share of dynamic banner usage - 2018 EUROPEAN COUNTRIES WITH THE GREATEST SHARE OF DYNAMIC BANNER USAGE: 1 2 3 Italy Germany Norway 20.5% 17.6% 12.4% KEY LEARNING Use dynamic ad strategies Personalised advertising provides consumers with a hyper-relevant experience that drives higher engagement. For a competitive edge employ dynamic creative strategies. Mobile Leisure time is driving mobile growth A 10% 55.2% JUMP IN QUARTERLY MOBILE AD VOLUMES, OF ALL WEEKEND AD IMPRESSIONS THANKS TO A HOT SUMMER HAPPEN ON MOBILE, MAKING IT THE AND THE FIFA WORLD CUP. PREFERRED OUT-OF-OFFICE DEVICE. Monday to Friday Weekends Jul Jun 50% Desktop Mobile Desktop Mobile 54.5% 45.5% 44.8% 55.2% 40% Percentage share in mobile ad impressions - 2018 Weekly average ad impression share by device - 2018 KEY LEARNING Pay extra attention to mobile formats for weekends, holidays, and sporting events. Build ads Design mobile banners first, mobile first and then scale ads to all other devices. Banner Sizes The most popular European formats THE TOP FIVE BANNER SIZES BY IMPRESSION VOLUME: 1 2 28.5% 13.9% 9.2% 300 x 250 320 x 320 160 x 600 4 5,5% 5,1% 300 x 600 980 x 240 Top banners sizes by impressions - 2018 KEY LEARNING Advertisers should not Look beyond the top five ignore less common sizes. Competition for them is lower and they are cheaper to serve. Bannerflow ABOUT BANNERFLOW DATA SOURCE Bannerflow is a cloud-based display advertising platform for in-house marketing teams. All statistics in this infographic are based on aggregated and anonymised Bannerflow data for Europe, from January Ist 2018 to December 31st 2018. The Bannerflow creative management platform (CMP) lets you design, scale, publish, analyse, personalise, and optimise display campaigns. LO

Display Advertising Trends 2019

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Display ads continue to thrive in Europe, with total ad spend predicted to hit $17.3 billion across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, growing by 14.7% from 2018. Despite this growth, many ma...




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